Take a look at the hardhat of the future

Add augmented reality technology to a hard helmet and voilà, smart helmet.

September 09, 2014 |
Photo courtesy of DAQRI

Business Insider shares what may be the most ingenious way of incorporating the Google Glass augmented reality technology in the world of building design and construction: connecting it to a hard hat.

Invented by a Los Angeles-based startup named DAQRI, the “smart helmet” looks cool, protects the wearer from falling bricks, and provides “laptop computing power at a glance.”

This means, like any other device, the hardhat can host a number of apps useful to construction workers and engineers, such as measurement apps, scheduling apps, maps, cameras, and many more functions that will allow the wearer to have both hands still free.

Prices have not been released, but DAQRI told Business Insider that products can be expected to hit the shelves next month.

Learn more from this video below:

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