Take an architecture class taught by Frank Gehry

The starchitect will be teaching a course for MasterClass, an online education platform.

February 20, 2017 |

Image courtesy of MasterClass

“You’d think I’d know when to quit,” an 87-year-old Frank Gehry says at the end of the MasterClass trailer announcing his foray into digitally streamed education. Not only has Gehry decided not to call it a career yet, but he is taking the extensive knowledge he has learned along the way and using it as the basis for 15+ video lessons about architecture.

For anyone who has ever been interested in getting a glimpse into the creative process of one of the world’s most famous living architects, a new seminar from the digital education platform MasterClass will allow you to do just that.

Frank Gehry will provide a comprehensive look into his creative process and provide insight into how and why he did things the way he did throughout his career. For $90, those who enroll in the class will hear from Gehry himself about topics ranging in breadth from his design philosophy to his fascination with the fold as a design element to how to deal with a client’s rejection.

Gehry joins an impressive MasterClass lineup that already includes a cooking class taught by Chef Gordon Ramsay, a film scoring class taught by Hans Zimmer, and a tennis class taught by Serena Williams.

Click here to see the trailer and sign up for the class.

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