System for installing grease duct enclosures achieves UL listing

October 19, 2011 |


Morgan Thermal Ceramics worked closely with UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.) to certify a new installation method for grease duct enclosures used in commercial construction.

The new system, an update to the existing classification, results in a 33% space saving. To obtain UL listing for the modified installation method, Morgan Thermal Ceramics conducted extensive fire performance testing in accordance with ASTM E 2336.

The improved installation method is part of a complete system that includes all materials and the way the materials are installed. The wrapping system uses Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ FireMaster FastWrap XL products, which are installed using compression joints at all seams on both layers of a 2-layer grease duct system.

Also included is the new FireMaster FastDoor XL UL-listed access door for grease ducts, which provides a safe and easy way to gain access to kitchen ducts for cleaning and inspection.

The system is for use in commercial construction and is expected to be widely used by mechanical HVAC contractors, insulation, mechanical, and general contractors, as well as duct designers and architects. BD+C

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