Surge Homes brings the concept of micro condos to Houston

The sub-500-sf homes will be the first of their kind to be offered in the metro known as Space City

August 09, 2016 |

Parc at Midtown - Hadley Building. Image: PRNewsFoto/Surge Homes

The idea of micro condominiums, condos that are under 500 sf in size, is not new in densely populated cities such as New York or Tokyo, where sub-500-sf homes are not created to be hip and trendy, but, instead, are created out of necessity.

And while a city like Houston, and its population of just under 2.2 million certainly doesn’t categorize it as small, it also doesn’t make it a very dense city, either, especially when you take into account it is spread across 599.6 square miles (making it the ninth largest U.S. city by land area, ahead of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago).

And yet, new home developer and builder Surge Homes has just announced its plans to deliver the first micro condos in Houston in 2017. The Hadley Building, part of the Parc at Midtown development, will include 14 micro condos among its total of 28 homes. The $21.6 million, 80-home community, Parc at Midtown, will mark the first Houston development with micro condos available for ownership.

All of the floor plans for Surge Homes’ micro condos will range from 414 sf to 498 sf. Although small, each condo will feature a closed master bedroom, space for entertaining in the living areas, and windows on the front and back exterior walls, providing a wealth of natural light.

While Houston may not be in need of micro condos, market research collected by Surge Homes of nearly 3,400 Houstonians gave some insight into the growing demand among Houston residents for these tiny homes. By being the first developer in Houston to offer micro condos, Surge Homes hopes to parlay its forward-thinking bet on these European-inspired floor plans into increased sales.

And they may already be seeing the payoff. The Parc at Midtown development, which features more traditionally sized homes, as well, has sold 55 percent of its homes in 120 days, making it the third fastest-selling residential subdivision in Houston for the first quarter of 2016, according to Meyers Research LLC.


 A typical Hadley Building condominium kitchen featuring optional integrated refrigerator. Image: PRNewsFoto/Surge Homes

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