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Sto Corp.'s RapidSeal offers single-component air barrier and waterproofing material for above-grade wall construction

Sto Corp.'s RapidSeal offers single-component air barrier and waterproofing material for above-grade wall construction

August 11, 2010

ATLANTA – (August 21, 2009) Sto Corp., a supplier of cladding, coating, and restoration systems, has introduced StoGuard RapidSeal a one-component air barrier and waterproof material used to protect rough openings and for transition detailing in above grade wall construction. 

“Rapid drying time will usually allow for same day installation of windows or top coating with other wall assembly components,” said Lisa Petsko, StoGuard product manager.  She went on to state that StoGuard RapidSeal is compatible with most common building materials, including concrete, concrete masonry, brick, gypsum sheathing, wood and cement based sheathings.

StoGuard RapidSeal was created in conjunction with Sto installers looking to improve on an already efficient system. “We view the air barrier market as a great growth area.” Petsko said “Any way Sto can speed up the install process on our air barrier assembly, the more efficient our contractors become.”

Additional features and benefits include:

* Fast Cure - Allows work to proceed quickly without costly delays and interruptions to work schedule ? Eliminates mesh, fabric and tapes at rough openings (when used with StoGuard coatings) - Simplifies and speeds application ? Cures in wet weather and on damp substrates - Avoids costly wet weather work shut downs or wash-offs; adheres to damp substrates without blistering or increase in drying time.

* Installs down to near freezing temperatures (33°F [0.56°C]) - Extends construction period deeper into cold weather season.

* Easy to install - Does not require highly skilled applicator work force – reduces labor costs

* Low VOC and South Coast AQMD Compliant - Compliant with all national, state and local VOC regulatory requirements; can be used throughout the US and Canada. Qualifies for LEED credits.

Tom Remmele, Director of Sto’s Technical Services/Research and Development, pointed out that StoGuard RapidSeal is compatible with most urethane and silicone sealants and coatings. This helps facilitate continuity with other air barrier, moisture barrier or waterproofing components; minimizes construction sequencing issues

Other highlights of StoGuard RapidSeal include it being a high build, tough, resilient surface (prevents damage during construction and costly repairs), excellent elongation (bridges cracks and seams in construction without tearing or compromise in performance), and is water vapor permeable (resists blistering and trapped moisture in construction).

Contact Michael Sweeney at msweeney@stocorp.com or call 678-553-3278.

About Sto Corp.
Sto Corp., based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative world leader and producer of a broad range of versatile cladding and coating systems for building construction, maintenance and restoration. Sto Corp. is ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management) as well as ISO 9001:2000 certified and operates production plants strategically located to serve more than 200 distributor shipping locations across North America. At research and development laboratories in the U.S. and Europe, Sto continues to revolutionize the industry with the highest quality products and application technology.

For more information, visit www.stocorp.com or call toll free (800) 221-2397 or (404) 346-0755.


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