Stantec consolidates three Portland-area offices into one downtown location

Stantec worked with Ankrom-Moisan Architects on the design.

October 25, 2018 |
Stantec conference room

Courtesy Stantec

Employees from Stantec’s water, building engineering and technology, power, environmental services, and waterpower and dams sectors are moving from three separate Portland-area offices to one 20,000-sf space in Moda Tower, Portland’s 10th largest office building.

Located in the heart of the city’s Business District, the 14th-floor office space has room for 115 employees and the ability to accommodate future growth. The office includes two non-formal conference spaces; four collaborative spaces for employees to use as breakout rooms, lounges, and communication hubs; four glass-walled conference rooms; glass-encased privacy booths for conference and telephone calls; a 1,050-sf breakroom; and a wellness room.


Stantec officeCourtesy Stantec.

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The  breakroom features a 34-foot-long living wall and a 15-foot “conversion island” that can be used as a casual meeting space. The wellness room was designed without windows to provide a space for brief naps, nursing mothers, or just to grab some alone time.

Lease Crutcher Lewis built the new space.


Stantec kitchenCourtesy Stantec.


Stantec conference roomCourtesy Stantec.

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