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Smart buildings need smart glass

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Smart buildings need smart glass

The Luminary chose smart glass for the West End’s tallest and most innovative new office building.

SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. | September 16, 2019


Located in the Historic West End District of Dallas, the Luminary is a beacon for companies who value innovation and top-flight amenities. The West End is still an up-and-coming part of the city, one the team at Crescent Real Estate increasingly wants to be a sought-after destination. To do this, they knew they needed a building that not only had the top flight amenities today’s tenants want, but it needed a “wow” factor, something that would set it apart. Crescent worked with architects at Corgan Associates to set a new bar for the District by offering sustainability, amazing views, and enhanced well-being for building occupants. 




The Luminary chose smart glass for the West End’s tallest and most innovative new office building. Smart Glass systems automatically tint or clear electronically based on weather conditions, combined with building specific parameters. SageGlass LightZone® was selected as the product of choice to optimize daylight, preserve outdoor views by eliminating blinds and enhancing comfort. LightZone® has three distinct zones within a single pane of glass that can tint independently to let in exactly the right amount of daylight where it’s wanted, when it’s needed while still blocking heat and glare. SageGlass also contributes to energy savings over time, supporting the building’s LEED Gold target.




SageGlass does more than just optimize daylight, increase comfort, and improve energy efficiency at the Luminary. In a time when building technologies are advancing rapidly, Crescent realized that embracing smart glass would give them a competitive edge, positioning smart glass as a differentiating tenant amenity. While the SageGlass system operates automatically, it can also be controlled manually, from both wall-mounted touch panels or an app. The Crescent team uses the app to change the glass while taking prospective tenants through the space, showcasing the system’s capabilities. This provides the kind of “wow factor” the team wanted, to go along with the sustainability and occupant wellness benefits. The result: a one of a kind building that is raising the bar for new offices across Dallas.


SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
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Faribault, MN 55021 • USA
507.331.4848 | 877.724.3321

Email: marketing@sageglass.com

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