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Smart building technology: Talking results at the BUILDINGChicago/ Greening the Heartland show

Recent advancements in technology are allowing owners to connect with facilities as never before. This BUILDINGChicago presentation will feature Procter & Gamble’s smart building management program. 

September 04, 2013 |

Embedding resilience into building solutions is the theme at the BUILDINGChicago/Greening the Heartland expo and conference, September 9-11 at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. From regional success stories to emerging technology presentations, the 70+ continuing education sessions will explore the various ways that sustainable construction and design adds value to the built environment.

One not-to-miss presentation, on Monday, September 9 from 1:30-2:30 p.m., will feature Procter & Gamble’s smart building management program. The premise of this "Smart Buildings and Sustainability" presentation is that smart building technology can lead to energy reductions of 15 to 20 percent—even in already-efficient buildings—through continual commissioning and identification of equipment malfunctions that would not otherwise be detected by building engineers.

How so? Recent advancements in technology are allowing owners to connect with facilities as never before, leveraging existing automation systems to achieve cost-effective energy improvements. Just as smart buildings are getting smarter, so is the ability to manage them by using real-time data to drive more informed decision-making and execution. Technology solutions that were once cost-prohibitive have now become affordable and are driving measurable returns. Utilities are investing in smart grid technology that will further enhance the value of smart building systems.

Using P&G’s IntelliCommand case study, this presentation will provide examples of how building data analytics enabled facilities managers to quickly find and address energy usage anomalies, saving more than the cost of implementation in the first year, and paving the way for LEED certification.

In terms of resilience, smart building technology delivers—with cost efficiency, business risk management tools, increased operational effectiveness and improved ability to meet environmental goals. For more information, register for the conference, or download the P&G case study.


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