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Seattle puts restrictions on micro apartments

New studio apartments must be minimum of 220 sf

October 10, 2014 |
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The Seattle City Council passed new rules that new studio apartments in the city must measure at least 220 sf and contain at least two sinks.

Smaller “congregate units,” bedroom-sized apartments built in clusters with shared kitchens, will be allowed only in the city’s densest neighborhoods. These units may be as small as 70 sf as long as they come with a shared kitchen, usually for two to eight tandem units.

Developers opposed the law, saying it will make micro-apartments more expensive to build. Builders and some other proponents of high-density development argued that micro-apartment construction could help Seattle combat its housing-affordability crisis by boosting the city’s overall housing supply.

A popular city for recent college graduates, Seattle developers have tailored projects for this market in recent years. Multifamily builders have designed high-density housing projects with tiny units and shared common spaces, like game rooms and rooftop decks.


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