Sarnafil annonces roofing awards winners

February 16, 2006 |

Sarnafil Inc., a manufacturer of high quality thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing systems, recently announced the winners of its 2005 applicator “Project of the Year” challenge. Each year the company’s authorized roofing and waterproofing applicators are eligible to submit their most challenging projects to vie for these prestigious awards, a $3,500 check, and recognition from their peers in the industry. Winners are selected in both roofing and waterproofing categories. Projects are judged on design, importance, or location; quality of workmanship; scope and/or degree of difficulty; unusual challenges met; and quality of submission. This year, winners were announced at an awards ceremony held during the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, NV.


After reviewing many unique entries, first place was awarded to Commonwealth Building Systems, LLC of Boston, Massachusetts for the Boston Marriott Long Wharf project located in Boston, Massachusetts. When the Marriott hotel needed to replace their roof, they wanted to do so in a way that would minimize noise and debris, curtail guest disruption, and meet a very tight schedule. They also needed a contractor who could find a roofing solution that would eliminate leaking and still be aesthically pleasing. Commonwealth Building Systems rose to the occasion. “Marriott’s number one priority was ‘don’t inconvenience the guests’,” said Mike Hillcoat, a principal at Commonwealth. He adds, “We had to come up with a logical sequence of events that maximized production but minimized disruptions. We were limited as to which roof areas we could work on each day, yet we still had to meet a very tight schedule. It wasn’t easy figuring all of this out, but it was a lot of fun.”

1st PlaceRoofing,Boston Marriott Long Wharf,
CommonwealthBuildingSystems, LLC

In order to comply with the Marriott’s strict environmental standards, all of the existing primary roof components were removed and recycled, including the roofing membrane. For aesthetic purposes and for watertight protection, the roof was replaced with Sarnafil 60 mil G410 copper brown membrane at all highly visible guest room roofs and Sarnafil EnergySmart® white reflective membrane on the upper mechanical roofs. Commonwealth worked closely with the safety consultant at the hotel to ensure that noise mitigation and all other aspects of safety and set-up plans met or exceeded OSHA regulations. In order to finish the job as scheduled, 100 workers were on site daily at the peak of the eight month long project. The workers worked an impressive 18,000 hours per month, and zero days were lost as a result of a job site injury.

Second place

was awarded to Flynn Canada Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario, Bothwell-Accurate Co. Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario and Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd. of Scarborough, Ontario for their work on the Lester B. Pearson International Airport located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This 1.3 million square foot project, done in a custom gray, is the largest Sarnafil roof in Canada. The roof was so large, in fact, that three different Sarnafil contractors were involved in its installation. Architects chose Sarnafil to roof the airport, Canada’s busiest, because it was the one material that could offer the flexibility, durability, aesthetic quality, and fire resistance needed. The effect is impressive: Travelers approaching the terminal by car notice the building’s elegant glass end gable with the layered bold roof overhang and the curved glass façade above the entrances to the Departure Level.

2nd PlaceRoofing,LesterB. Pearson International Airport
Bothwell-Accurate Co. Ltd.Dean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.,
Flynn Canada Ltd.

Third place was presented to Rey-Crest Roofing & Waterproofing Company of Los Angeles, California for overcoming many unique challenges during the design and re-roof of the Ritz-Carlton Huntington, Hotel & Spa in Pasadena, California. The hotel, built in the early 1920’s, is a historical landmark. By using Sarnafil’s Décor Roof System in copper brown, Rey-Crest was able to meet and exceed the historical building requirements of the Hotel and the City of Pasadena. Although many functions were scheduled in the ballrooms during the construction, Rey-Crest was able to successfully complete the job while working under a grueling schedule in order to avoid disrupting any hotel events.Waterproofing

Following careful review of the many high quality submissions, first placewas awarded to Prospect Waterproofing Company of Sterling, Virginia for their work on the United States Capitol Visitor Center located in Washington, D.C. The vast waterproofing project covers the main Visitor Center Auditorium, the truck entrance tunnel, the Library of Congress Tunnel, the Cannon Tunnel, and the utility tunnel beneath the auditorium and East Capitol Street.

Prospect’s work included a modified System 4003 at the lagging walls using G459 grid membrane at all vertical piles. Floor slab penetrations included manhole boxes and a myriad of conduit penetrations coming through the slab at awkward angles. The slope of the tunnels required extensive damming to properly execute water testing of the roof slab. All of the design obstacles were dealt with in the field with Prospect’s gifted field technicians working along Sarnafil’s on site technical representatives.

“When finished…the Capitol Visitor Center- located under the East Front Plaza- will provide a dramatically improved educational experience for all visitors: an experience enhanced through exhibits, displays of historic documents, and documentary presentations.”

1st PlaceWaterproofing,United StatesCapitol Visitor Center,LLC Prospect Waterproofing Company

Second place was awarded to Aetna Roofing Corporation of Trenton, New Jersey for their outstanding workmanship on the Princeton University Stadium in Princeton, New Jersey. The horseshoe shaped 26,700 square foot plaza area contains a large quantity of penetrations, which made the waterproofing installation and detail work particularly intense. The roof plaza is a high traffic area for media personnel and film crews during the Ivy League sports games held there. The project, Aetna’s tenth complex Sarnafil installation at Princeton University, was completed on time and delivered with the high quality that Princeton has come to expect from Aetna Roofing Corporation and Sarnafil.

2nd PlaceWaterproofingPrinceton University Stadium,Aetna Roofing Corporation

Third place was presented to A.C. Hathorne of Williston, Vermont for their work on the Atwater Commons Dining Hall in Middlebury, Vermont. The Sarnafil green roof was installed onto the Dining Hall, located at Middlebury College, in order to provide enhanced insulation and reduce storm water runoff. The hall is set into a hillside and when the green roof grows in will be aesthetically pleasing against the Green Mountains beyond the campus. Student reactions to the new dining hall have been positive, and the student newspaper has described the architecture as “impressive”, to say the least.

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