Rombald Inc. improves profits by customizing reports and managing multiple projects

By replacing spreadsheets with BillQuick, this growing consulting firm has greater visibility into its project financials. 

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March 06, 2014 |
The Rombald team

Rombald Inc. is a rapidly growing consulting firm in Ontario, Canada, specializing in mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication engineering.

The company takes pride in executing creative designs while striving to surpass client expectations. Rombald’s focus is delivering projects on time and on budget to their growing list of commercial and industrial clientele.

Rombald Inc.’s accounting department used to spend painstaking hours working on Excel spreadsheets to create invoices for clients and track projects. Even though most of their projects are based on a fixed fee, their systems were time consuming and unconnected. 

Rombald has been using BillQuick for the past three years, and it has provided them with greater visibility into the firm's project financials. The company uses BillQuick Enterprise Edition, BillQuick Agent, and recently implemented BillQuick HR. 

“What I like most about BillQuick is that it gives us a detailed and up-to-date summary of each project,” says Chris Blazek, RCDD, Production Manager.

These are the features Rombald likes most about BillQuick:

1. Customizable Reports. Valerie Huszarik, Accounting Administrator, is now able to customize the reports using Crystal Reports to access the company BillQuick database. 

2. Saves Time. Customized reports help Rombald manage its growth. It is easier now to create and send out invoices electronically. Prior to BillQuick, each employee had to input their time into Excel spreadsheets. The accounting department then had to review and invoice from the spreadsheet entries, which was inefficient.

3. Manages Projects. A valuable feature with BillQuick is the transparency it allows Rombald to have on every single project. In one simple screen, they can see their hours on a project, labor and subcontractor costs, and revenues.  This project management feature provides them with a quick understanding of how the project is performing which Rombald did not have with their old method of tracking project cost/revenue.

“BillQuick is one of the important software tools Rombald has implemented to manage our growth,” adds Blazek. “Without products like BillQuick, managing our growth would have been a difficult and tedious process.”

Here's a screen capture of a BillQuick Time & Expense Detail report (click image to enlarge):

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