Right Way Plumbing finishes first at Max Planck Florida Institute

The Max Planck Florida Institute consists of a three-story, 100,000-sf scientific research facility with 30,000 feet of copper joined with Viega ProPress fittings.

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September 14, 2014 |
Max Planck Florida Institute, Jupiter, Fla.

Right Way Plumbing has installed Viega ProPress® systems at the Max Planck Florida Institute in Jupiter, Fla. The 19 different applications in this prestigious facility include the air conditioner condensate lines, lab air ventilation, gas ventilation, vacuum lines, temperate water returns and hot water recirculation among others.

“It’s in the potable hot and cold, nonpotable hot and cold, gas regulator vents, temperate hot water, supplies, returns and loops around three levels of the building,” said Jeff Wilson, Project Manager at Right Way Plumbing Company in Sunrise, FL. “We were on a really tight schedule with all the changes during the course of the project. Right Way was the first one to meet the schedule and Viega ProPress was a large part of that.” 

The Max Planck Florida Institute consists of a three-story, 100,000-square-foot scientific research facility with more than 115,000 feet of plumbing, with 30,000 feet of copper joined with Viega ProPress fittings.

“Being able to use Viega ProPress in here helped us to not only achieve the schedule but beat the schedule and not have to worry about reworking stuff because of leaks,” said Daniel Rourke, Senior Vice President of Right Way Plumbing. “Viega ProPress has a lot of advantages, as in speed and the comfort in knowing that once it’s pressed that the system is going to last the life of the building and we won’t have to worry about a callback later.”

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Viega ProPress® systems


Rourke believes that Viega ProPress was the best choice for the Max Planck project because of the sheer number of connections that had to be made in the short amount of time allotted.

“We probably saved 50% of the time over other systems,” Rourke said. “We’ve not had one leak. We’ve installed hundreds of thousands of joints and we’ve not had one failure.”

“The Viega ProPress system is the cleanest system that you can install,” Wilson said. “When you get to a flushing point at the end of the project, you flush the system with Viega ProPress, you’re clean. It’s done immediately. With a solder or welded system, we may have to flush for a week before we get to our chlorination point. With a project like this, it would have taken us a week to flush it. Instead we were able to do it in a couple of days.”

The Max Planck Florida Institute is the first Max Planck facility outside of Europe. According to Rourke, the Max Planck Florida Institute has 300 different rooms dedicated to lab work with multiple systems piped to each room.

“Using the Viega ProPress system helped us to cut our labor down,” Rourke said. “Once you put it in, you can rest assured that you’re not going to have a leak. The feature I love about Viega ProPress is the ability to see that the joint is pressed before you even turn it on.” 

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