Rental vs. purchase: How to minimize job site costs

Smart business decisions can mean the difference between being ‘on budget’ and going ‘way over’ budget.  

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September 05, 2016 |

Rental vs. purchase: How to minimize job site costs. Photo courtesy of CORT. 

With total U.S. construction starts projected to rise by 6 percent in 2016, the construction industry continues on its steady rise. Its expansion is contributing to an increase in corporate projects and profits. To make the most of the upturn, construction companies are having to focus on keeping costs low, working to allocate resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

As commercial and institutional building starts increase, it is essential to keep your company’s current projects on time and on budget, all while pursuing the market’s wealth of new leads. One way this challenge can be met is by exploring options that avoid investing time and money into purchasing and managing permanent assets.

There are many benefits to renting instead of purchasing assets for a construction site. Construction sites are dynamic, ever changing and require temporary workspaces to get the job done. Instead of purchasing resources to fill these transitory spaces, renting or leasing equipment that is needed for only the duration of the project can often reduce your company’s capital expenditures. Rental helps to ensure that your time and money is spent managing the projects, not the assets. Several kinds of on-site resources can be leased with these benefits.

For example, furniture rental is a viable alternative to purchasing permanent assets. Furniture rental eliminates the costs of storing on-site furniture between projects, making it an even more financially sound option. Its flexible nature allows you to avoid being stuck with outdated assets. As the needs of the construction site change, rented assets can easily be added or removed to match your company’s current situation, without jeopardizing your time or budget.

One of the greatest benefits of leasing over purchase is the reduced amount of time you are required to spend managing it. Its adaptable nature is designed to help you keep up with the fluctuating lifecycle of construction starts, without wasting your time.

Managing projects and budget is crucial to the success of construction companies. To learn more about how furniture rental can help on your next project, visit

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