Reducing duct leakage is focus on latest green building standards updates

ASHRAE 189.1 broadens testing requirements to include more types of ducts.

October 03, 2017 |
Duct work on top of a buidling

The latest version of ASHRAE 189.1 will expand duct testing requirements to include low pressure ducts as well as high pressure ducts.

The latest updates to ASHRAE 189.1 have been finalized and incorporated into the standard. They will be published after undergoing a final accuracy review before publication.

A key update to the standard is the broadening of duct leakage testing to include ducts operating at 3-inch WG (water gauge). Currently, the current requirement for leakage testing applies to ducts operation at ≥4-inch WG.

“The industry has resisted testing because of the additional cost involved,” said Bob Reid, former chairman of ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.2 and chief engineer at SPOT (Spiral Pipe of Texas). “But in reality, building owners can either make a relatively small payment upfront to ensure their ducts are operating properly, or they can continue to pay higher operating costs throughout the life of the building.”

There are new duct sealing methods that provide a demolition-free way to meet the tightened duct-sealing specifications. For instance, an aerosol-based duct-sealing technology seals leaks from inside the ductwork.

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