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ProWood FR Announces Availability of New Fire-Retardant, UL-Listed Wall Assembly

ProWood FR Announces Availability of New Fire-Retardant, UL-Listed Wall Assembly

Builders, architects, specifiers, building code officials can now quickly spec and approve the product

By UFP Industries | November 29, 2021
ProWood FR Announces Availability of New Fire-Retardant, UL-Listed Wall Assembly
ProWood FR Announces Availability of New Fire-Retardant, UL-Listed Wall Assembly

ProWood FR, a brand of UFP Retail Solutions, recently achieved UL Listing on a fire-retardant, pressure-treated wall assembly, ProWood FR UL V343 2-Hour Wall Assembly (UL 263 Listed).

Available exclusively through ProWood, the code-compliant ProWood FR V343 wall assembly bears a Class A Flame Spread Index of 25 or less, the best possible rating awarded to fire-retardant building products. ProWood FR V343 is manufactured under the independent third-party inspection of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), the largest and oldest independent testing laboratory in the United States. 

“We are thrilled to offer this new fire-retardant wall assembly worthy of UL’s premium designation,” said Ryan Kemp, executive vice president of ProWood. “As building code requirements continue to get more stringent around fire-retardant products for commercial and residential building applications, UFP’s strategic locations and growing capacity position us to meet the increased demand and necessity for these code-compliant products.”

The UL Listing for ProWood FR’s V343 pressure-treated wall assembly gives builders and architects the peace of mind to spec the product in their construction applications. It also allows building code officials to quickly and confidently approve the product on the job sites. 

“Pressure treating infuses the fire retardant deep into the cells of the wood, not just at the surface,” added Kemp. “Since it is in the wood cells, the fire retardant is not damaged during or after construction. With this UL listing, builders, architects, and specifiers now have the knowledge they are getting a product that performs specifically for their end use.”

For more information, including a spec guide and complete fire-retardant product list, visit https://www.prowoodlumber.com/en/Treated-Options/Fire-Retardant.

About ProWood
ProWood, a brand of UFP Retail Solutions, LLC, a UFP Industries company, is the go-to choice for lumber treated to the industry’s highest standards. Our strategic locations and wide array of treatment options allow us to provide products that offer exceptional protection from the elements for building professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners. With industry-leading warranties and a commitment to innovation, ProWood is at the forefront of education and product knowledge to provide a better overall customer experience. To learn more about ProWood lumber and treatment technologies, visit www.prowoodlumber.com or call 844-529-5882.

UFP Industries is a holding company whose operating subsidiaries – UFP Industrial, UFP Construction and UFP Retail Solutions – manufacture, distribute and sell a wide variety of value-added products used in residential and commercial construction, packaging and other industrial applications worldwide. Founded in 1955, the company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., with affiliates in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more about UFP Industries, go to www.ufpi.com.


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