The Professional's Choice: Toli vinyl flooring

Toli vinyl flooring

October 01, 2005 |

Available in 32 colors and several styles, Toli vinyl flooring is designed for high-traffic areas, such as retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare environments. Manufactured with a higher vinyl content than typical vinyl composition tile, Toli resists staining, cracking, and chipping, and reduces maintenance.

Molly Alspaugh, interior designer with Earl Swensson Associates, specified Toli in some public and patient areas at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tenn.

Why Molly Alspaugh specified Toli for the children's hospital

"It has a higher vinyl content than typical vinyl composition tile, which results in stain resistance and requires little or no waxing."

"The owner wanted flooring that did not show indentations under the weight of beds and heavy rolling equipment. With less low-quality filler than typical vinyl tile, Toli is dense and can hold up the weight."

"Toli offers a flexible approach to maintenance: owners can choose to do no dressing, a light spray buffing, or a full wax coat. In this case, the owner desired a reduced-maintenance option with little waxing, which provides long-term savings in terms of water, materials, and manpower, and minimizes disruption to patients."

"A talc additive provides slip resistance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like the hospital's ceremonial staircase."

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