Skylights and Spaceframes

October 01, 2002 |

Daylighting dynamic

Daylighting system is based on multicell technology, which provides more rows and columns of smaller cells (approximately 0.16 by 0.16 in.) within a panel. This is 10 times more than the traditional structure used by most polycarbonate panels on the market. The smaller spans between rib supports result in stronger durability, as well as light quality, visual appeal and higher insulation and UV resistance.

CPI International. Reader Service No. 218

Healing sun

The St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center in Lawrenceville, N.J., has added an all-glass therapy and reflecting room to lift the spirits of those in recovery. The project, which was completed in just 120 days, created an access hallway through an existing window and made a curved solarium, providing additional capacity and volumes of natural light.

Commercial Sunroom Products. Reader Service No. 206

Taking off

Portland International Airport expanded its south terminal with a low-rise, segmented vaulted skylight with architectural aluminum gables, eaves and soffit panels. The system, which is one of the largest canopy skylights in the U.S., utilizes 1/2-in.-thick, green-tinted, laminated panels.

Naturalite Skylight Systems. Reader Service No. 202

See through

Skylight system made with PVC components for new and existing construction is designed to meet the most stringent end user requirements and building codes. The Sheerframe Solarium incorporates fully welded frame corners, ensuring high-performance insulating properties. All structural members are reinforced to assure that the skylight will perform under heavy snow loads. The system uses compression seals and insulating glass.

L.B. Plastics Inc. Reader Service No. 203

Stairway to heaven

Connecting Donaghey Plaza South with the Donaghey Plaza West in downtown Little Rock, Ark., is a 54-ft. skywalk. The defused daylighting barrel-vault roof and clear glass sidewalls were engineered from 10mm polycarbonate and glass, both in light green, in a structural aluminum framing. The polycarbonate transmits 50% diffused natural light. The skywalk is UV-stabilized, shatterproof and easily cold-formed.

Duo-Gard Industries Inc. Reader Service No. 215

Open to the sky

Tubular skylight roof jack conforms to the commercial high rib panel used in the pre-engineered metal building industry. It needs no special roof curbing and will illuminate up to 500 sq. ft. with a 12- or 16-ft. diameter opening.

Tru-Lite. Reader Service No. 212

Energy care

Each of the 50 Crème de la Crème nursery and preschools located throughout the country have an identical 32-ft.-high-by-47-ft.-long skylight system in its village play area. The skylights help reduce the costs for electric lighting, as well as heating and air conditioning loads. The skylight system is comprised of a pre-engineered, rigid frame and aluminum box beams that are blended with translucent panels.

Structures Unlimited, Inc. Reader Service No. 204

Check out in daylight

Stater Bros. Market in Chino Hills, Calif., recently installed 164 tubular skylights and daylight harvesting controls, in order to provide the 43,235-sq.-ft. store with natural light and reduce energy costs. The 21-in.-diameter skylights and controls allow the market to turn off electric lights when the skylights are at optimal output, approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the summer months. This results in a dramatic decrease in energy consumption for lighting, as well as a significant reduction in cooling costs.

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Golden globe

The golden globe that glows from the Al-Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a 3-D, 78.7-ft.-high spaceframe that looks as if it is floating from both inside and outside. The StarDome system consists of a tubular aluminum framework coupled with invisible hubs, resulting in a minimalist system that blocks only 9.5% of the 17,756 sq. ft. of glass surface area. The globe is attached to the building by channels, which are silicon-attached to the glass so they aren't visible, making the globe appear to be floating in space.

Starnet. Reader Service No. 208

Skylight protection

Skylight railing system can be installed around rooftop skylights to protect building maintenance employees from falling. It is a freestanding railing system that installs without penetrating the roof membrane. Both the slip-on pipe fittings and the pipes that make up the railing system are galvanized to be corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. The KeeGuard Skylight system does not block sunlight, and it can be installed away from the edge of the skylight so it is not visible through the glass.

Kee Industrial Products Inc. Reader Service No. 216

Transparent system

Skylight system with an aluminum frame incorporates low-friction gasketing and controlled gasket pressure to help address thermal expansion. Available in pyramid, curved vertical wall, curved barrel vault, and vertical wall shapes.

Extech Inc. Reader Service No. 217

Connect together

Cincinnati-based Cinergy Corp.'s headquarters consisted of an annex and a historic tower, connected together by an atrium built in the late 1980s. The atrium's existing skylight, which was leaking and fogging, was replaced with a 16mm, polycarbonate skylight that is durable and expandable to allow for movement between the two buildings, which was determined to have caused the original problems.

Harmon Inc. Reader Service No. 205

Light up the sky

The renovation and expansion of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center (WSCTC) in Seattle included a new, custom-made pedestrian sky bridge and canopy, bridging the historic downtown Seattle area to the WSCTC and Pike Street Market. Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design designed colored, metal halide spotlights and wall washers that highlight the exterior of the sky bridge and the canopy's structural members. The firm also installed metal halide pendant downlights to provide general illumination on the sky bridge walkway. The openness of the skylight and clear view it provides have increased the Center's popularity.

Evergreen House. Reader Service No. 211

See-through grid

Glass grid system can increase light transmission onto any project, allowing up to 38 sq. in. of glass in a 4-in.-by-4-in. window. The Grid System is composed of glass blocks that are inserted into a one-piece vinyl "boot" and are then placed into a grid opening. The aluminum grid is then screwed into the prepared opening and glass blocks are inserted without mortar. The blocks do not burn, scratch or discolor easily.

IBP. Reader Service No. 209

Bird's eye

The Milwaukee Art Museum utilizes 41,000 sq. ft. of high-performance, curved and flat glass and insulated panels to create the desired building temperature. The building's peak was built from the top down using cantilever scaffolding. As each row of glass panels was completed, the scaffolding was lowered to assemble a new row. The skylight was made up of custom parts, including over 1,000 individual pieces of sheet aluminum bent, welded and ground.

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Ketchup, please

A custom, 45-ft.-diameter polygon skylight was recently installed in the Heinz 57 Center in the central business district of Pittsburgh. The skylight, which took nearly two years to compete, weighs 16 tons and was hoisted at night from the street to the top of the 14-story building.

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Learning curve

The Mill Creek Elementary School in Geneva, Ill., used a skylight system to bring daylight into its library. The Guardian 275 meets standards set by the International Conference on Building Officials Evaluation Services.

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