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Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Metal Roofing Sources
Metal Building Manufacturers Assn.
1300 Sumner Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 241-7333
Copper Development Association
260 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 251-7200
Nickel Development Institute
214 King St. West, Suite 510
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3S6
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American Iron & Steel Institute
1101 17th St. NW, Suite 1300
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Leaky bank

Just 10 years ago, Essex Savings Bank opened its new two-story headquarters in Essex, Conn. But when the building's steel roof began to leak at the joints, the bank was forced to replace the roof. Installed by Hartford, Conn.-based contractor Ernest Peterson Inc., the new 16,900-sq.-ft. standing-seam copper roof features a zinc/tin alloy that withstands corrosion, needs no painting and keeps its natural gray patina for years.

Revere Copper Products Inc.

Reader Service No. 203

Making progress

When the 85,000-sq.-ft. Center of Progress Building at the New York State Fairgrounds opened its doors in 1908, its architecture was every bit as grand as its name implied. But the 90 years that followed took their toll on the building's original galvanized iron roof, which had been covered several times with asphalt shingles. The building was recently restored to its original grandeur thanks to a new steel roof installed by Albany, N.Y.-based Horizon Roofing & Sheetmetal Inc. The roof is composed of more than 80,000 square feet of 22-gauge steel panels coated with a fluoropolymer finish that resists fading and chalking. Because of the roof's size, standing some 64 feet high and 500 feet long, the roof panels were formed, rolled and bent onsite by Horizon Roofing.

American Iron and Steel Institute.

Reader Service No. 202

Curved copper

When Fulton Bank chose to locate its new headquarters in Lancaster, Pa.'s Penn Square urban renewal development, local architect David Lynch & Associates designed the facility to fit in with the surrounding buildings, a number of which have copper roofs. The architect specified R-Mer Span curved standing-seam copper roof panels, which were installed in 70-ft. sections to cover the roof in one pass, reducing the possibility of leaks. The roof system features a snap-lock seam for fast installation.

The Garland Co.

Reader Service No. 204

Metallic ceramic

Metal roof that tops the International Buddhist Progress Society's new worship center in Houston mimics in color and finish the glazed ceramic tiles used on ancient Buddhist temples. The steel roof panels are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for both wind and impact resistance.

Met-Tile Inc.

Reader Service No. 207

Roof over roof

Attachment system helped Cairo, Ga.-based contractor Allen Industrial Contractors reroof the 40,000-sq.-ft. Brookwood School in Thomasville, Ga., without removing the roof. The contractor fastened the subpurlin through the flat-pan section of the existing metal roof into the structural purlin below, then installed the new roof on top of the Roof Hugger attachments.

Roof Hugger Inc.

Reader Service No. 208

Community service

To blend in with surrounding industrial buildings, Minneapolis-based Sjoquist Architects specified a standing-seam aluminum roof for East Side Neighborhood, a 60,000-sq.-ft. building that serves the Minneapolis community with high school, daycare and social-services facilities. Metal panels were used to create four light shafts designed to mimic exhaust vents, and sloped metal-roof canopies were designed to appear as loading docks. The project required 3,000 square feet of SL-16-0 roof and wall panels.

Morin Corp.

Reader Service No. 215

Police protection

To protect the Michigan State Police's new Crime Lab from wind uplift and snow loads, architect Hobbs & Black of Ann Arbor, Mich., chose a SRS 2 standing-seam metal roof as well as Super-Rib and 1W-10-A panels for the building's second story and equipment enclosures. The roof and wall-panel systems offer a weather-tight seal and are designed to retain their "police blue" finish without fading or chalking.


Reader Service No. 205

During school special

When Lloyd Mann Primary School's 36,600-sq.-ft. flat roof started ponding water and leaking, a new standing-seam metal roof was installed over the existing roof with no interruption of school. The new roof provides the proper pitch to eliminate standing water as well as better thermal performance thanks to a reflective surface and 6 inches of fiberglass insulation.

American Buildings Co.

Reader Service No. 206

Steel shingle

An alternative to composition or cedar shingles, the TekGuard steel shingle has a cedar embossed texture.

IMSA Building Products.

Reader Service No. 272

"Seams" high

Standing-seam metal roof features 13/4-in.-high seams that snap adjacent panels together for easy installation and allow for thermal movement. Titan SL-1750 roof panel is available in 16 colors and in 12- to 22-in. widths.

Custom-Bilt Metals.

Reader Service No. 209

Fish 'n for cover

Covering the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., is 28,500 square feet of Snap-Clad 16-in.-wide steel roof panels, which feature a concealed fastener clip system that allows for thermal movement and provides wind and impact resistance.

Petersen Aluminum.

Reader Service No. 210

It's a snap

Interlocking steel-roof panels cover the 5,000-sq.-ft. roof of the Shoreline Lifestyle retail showroom in St. Joseph, Mich. LokSeam's snap-together system provides a continuous appearance from roof to fascia.


Reader Service No. 214

Home for the Spruce Goose

The world's biggest airplane, the 219-ft. Spruce Goose, composed mostly of laminated birch plywood, has found a home in the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore., just south of Portland. Housing the huge memento of the life of the late billionaire Howard Hughes requires 140,000 square feet of roof. Six months in completion, the museum's roof membrane protects against Oregon's wet weather and cold winters.

Coated 6-in. screws secure battens through the insulation to the steel deck. A deep green steel shake with the look of hand-split wood caps the roof, along with a custom-built 21-in.-deep stone-coated steel fascia.

Gerard Roofing Technologies.

Reader Service No. 211

Mix and match

The appearance of a metal roof can be reproduced in any shape, design and pitch using extruded sections matching the company's roofing membranes. The Decor Profile is available in six colors.

Sarnafil Inc.

Reader Service No. 253

A universal approach

The intense UV concentrations and extreme heat produced by the Florida sun were primary considerations in the more than 40 installations of FiberLite Roofing Systems at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. Designed for durability and ease of installation, the membrane provides high weather resistance with light reflectivity for energy savings.

Seaman Corp.

Reader Service No. 220

Flexing its stuff

Because building owners required that no asphalt fumes be emitted during reroofing of their San Francisco office building, the Flex FB adhered roofing system was installed. The system is based on DuPont Elvaloy KEE ketone ethylene ester and applied with Flex water-based substrate adhesive.

Flex Roofing Systems.

Reader Service No. 221

Protecting the protected

Lightguard Protected Membrane Roof Insulation guards the membrane system and saves energy. The tight, closed-cell structure of the product's foam insulation panels resists all forms of water penetration and protects the roofing membranes from heat, ultraviolet rays, temperature swings and freeze-thaw cycles. Weighing 4.5 pounds per square foot, the product is well suited for installation of single-ply and built-up roofing requiring a lighter-weight roofing system.

T. Clear Corp.

Reader Service No. 222

Barbie's reflective roof

In need of a durable roof membrane to stand up to the strong Texas winds and extreme heat, toy manufacturer Mattel Inc. selected the Sure-Weld thermoplastic olefin membrane to cover its new 1 million-sq.-ft. distribution center in Fort Worth. The white membrane reflects the sun's heat and lowers the surrounding air temperature.

Carlisle SynTec Inc.

Reader Service No. 223

Roof life extension

Employed for the first time on an office complex in Annapolis, Md., in April, the Revolutionary Roof Life Extension System uses the manufacturer's SuperiorFlex Seal, which combines technology and a proprietary formulation to create an elastomeric waterproofing membrane. The roof system is designed to provide a minimum of 10 years of roof-warranted protection.

Simon Roofing.

Reader Service No. 225

New cold wave

Cold-applied bituminous roofing systems include the same basic components as traditional asphalt-based systems, but a solvent-based cold adhesive replaces hot asphalt used between layers of modified bitumen membrane.

Firestone Building Products Co.

Reader Service No. 237

Testing helps avoid woes

ASTM D 6630 Standard Guide for Low Slope Insulated Roof Membrane Assembly offers test methods that can establish minimum performance requirements for low-slope assemblies on roofs. Methods apply to single-ply, built-up, modified bitumen and spray polyurethane foam roofing systems.

American Society for Testing and Materials.

Reader Service No. 252

Single-Ply Roofing Resource

Single Ply Roofing Institute

200 Reservoir St., Suite 309A

Needham, Mass. 02494

(781) 444-0242

Coolest of the cool

Cool roof systems provide waterproofing, energy conservation, life-cycle cost saving, environmental benefits and greater building comfort. These systems offer high solar reflectivity and readily release any heat they do absorb. Systems for low-slope commercial roofing fall into two basic categories: light-colored single-ply membranes and light-colored fluid-applied coating-based systems. Cool roofs can slash air-conditioning loads by 20 to 50 percent.

National Coatings Corp.

Reader Service No. 224

Infinite possibilities

The Infinitee roofing system consists of polymer-modified asphalt membranes, which are engineered and assembled for greater performance. The product's modified bituminous systems can be mop-, torch- or cold-applied and are ideal for modern as well as traditional building designs.


Reader Service No. 227

Ever on guard

A complex engineered-polymer roofing membrane technology, the EverGuard TPO2 Plus single-ply roofing membrane reduces the risk of roof failure with up to 400 percent stronger seams and up to 56 percent greater puncture resistance than typical wide ethyl propylene diene monomer (EPDM) membranes.

GAF Materials Corp.

Reader Service No. 228

System takes tiger by the tail

The architect of Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team, selected the UltraGard SR60 membrane in a custom gray color. The 72,000-sq.-ft. roof consists of 40 roof sections and more than 30 roof decks, and required a 50-pounds-per-square-foot wind uplift resistance.

Johns Manville.

Reader Service No. 226

Easy-spread mastic

Designed for strength, the TAM-PRO M3 Mastic is a styrene-butadiene-styrene-modified, low-solvent cold-applied mastic. The product is squeegee applied. The cold-applied method of modified roll roofing installation has gained popularity because it is said to be safer, easier and faster to apply.


Reader Service No. 229

EPDM roof covering

Novotan rubber membranes are manufactured from EPDM synthetic rubber to provide protection against leaks in flat-roofed buildings. According to its maker, the membrane not only provides long-term solutions to complex roofing issues, it does so economically.


Reader Service No. 230

A diamond on the roof

When the general manager of the Diamond Vogel Paints Co. of Nebraska was searching for a durable, leak-proof and energy-efficient roof, he selected the DuroLast Roofing System. Because the system is prefabricated to a building's exact dimensions and comes complete with all accessories, it is said to be watertight and low maintenance.

Duro-Last Roofing Inc.

Reader Service No. 231

Reflectivity on high

The TremFast PIB, a polyisobutylene single-ply membrane, is a white, polymer-based membrane that has an initial reflectivity of 85 percent. The membrane resists dirt pick-up, maintaining a cleaner, brighter surface. Available in 100- and 120-mil thickness, the fleece-back membrane can be installed with a cold-process adhesive.

Tremco Inc.

Reader Service No. 232

Ready to roll

The company offers a 16-ft., 7-in.-wide No-Fold EPDM sheet. The extra-wide membrane is designed for cold weather fully adhered applications. Ready to roll, it is shipped on a 17-ft. core without folding.


Reader Service No. 234

Tile with a mission

Clay tiles are kiln-fired and are manufactured after the style of original clay mission tiles from the 1700s when they were formed by shaping the wet clay over one's thigh. The two-piece Mission tiles are covered by a lifetime warranty.

U.S. Tile.

Reader Service No. 269

Designing for uplift

The effects of wind uplift on open-web steel roof joists are discussed in this technical digest, along with the method of design to resist them.

Steel Joist Institute.

Reader Service No. 274

Greening of America's roofs

Designed to help building owners and managers extend the life of a roofing system, keep the building cool and use formerly unused space, the GreenGrid System creates a rooftop garden. The lightweight, modular system arrives at the worksite planted and ready for installation, thus avoiding landscape work.

Weston Inc. and ABC Supply.

Reader Service No. 266

Coping with OSHA

A benefit of joining the National Roofing Legal Resource Center is the OSHA Citation Defense Manual. Designed to assist members with complying with the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA), the manual is updated periodically.

National Roofing Legal Resource Center.

Reader Service No. 273

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