February 01, 2004 |

Stroke of the club

The Mystic Dunes Gold Club at the Palms Resort and Country Club in Kissimmee, Fla., is topped with 19,000 sf of 24-gauge galvanized steel Snap-On Panels in burgundy and colonial red. The design of the clubhouse was intended to "simulate, in man-made terms, the natural form of dunes created by nature in shape, style, rhythm, and color," says architect Camala McCarter Hogue of Burke, Bales & Mills Associates, Lake Mary, Fla. The roof panels started at 18 inches and tapered to 7 inches at the top. The clubhouse design included several round rooms and a 24-sided turret. All of the flashing, eave trim, downspout covers, and roof vent hoods were custom-made. Produced in lengths of up to 55 feet, the Snap-On Panels are Herr-Voss corrective leveled to provide superior flatness. Available in 33 standard colors in steel and 28 standard colors in aluminum.

Petersen Aluminum Corp. Reader Service No. 302

Roof with wings

Hazel Park (Mich.) Junior High School was designed with four separate wings, each dedicated to a subject area. Because of the building's odd shape and Michigan's winters, two roofing systems were installed, says Chris Thornson, project manager for Skanska USA. The roof's flat portions carry a PVC roofing membrane, while the barrel-shaped roof and the pitched roof are metal. A vapor retarder was installed over a metal deck as well, while two layers of 3½-inch-thick polyisocyanurate and tapered polyisocyanurate roof insulation were installed under the UltraGard SR-72 tan roofing membrane. The 53,000-sf roof has a 1-90 wind uplift rating and carries a 20-year warranty.

Johns Manville Reader Service No. 303

Close encounter of the sticky kind

Self-adhered roofing underlayment for premium roof leak protection sits between the shingles and roof deck. Seals around nails, will not crack, dry, or rot. The Ice and Water Shield is made of a rubberized asphalt adhesive backed by a layer of high-density cross-laminate polyethylene. The asphalt surface is backed by a release paper that protects the adhesive; when the paper is removed, the asphalt bonds tightly to the roof deck.

Grace Construction Products Reader Service No. 300

Cap on education

The Delphi Academy Los Angeles in Southern California's San Fernando Valley built its main building, which houses classrooms, administrative offices, and a library, with a 22,500-sf standing seam metal roof in a weathered copper finish. The gently sloping flat roof (1:12 pitch) is covered with CB-150 standing seam panels. The curved highlights were built using 16-inch curved snap-on battens.

Custom-Bilt Metals Reader Service No. 301

Hurricane buster

Boca Raton (Fla.) High School's age-old building needed a new 200,000-sf roof that could withstand 150-mph winds, since the school doubles as a hurricane shelter. White Elvaloy-based single-ply roofing membrane was used to reflect the sun's rays and reduce energy costs. A crew of 12 spent three months installing the roof, which consisted of a 20-gauge steel deck covered with two layers of 2-inch polyisocyanurate insulation and topped by the 60 mil EV membrane. Massive roof crickets were also installed for drainage.

Stevens Roofing Systems Reader Service No. 304

Snack on energy

The Frito-Lay distribution facility in Los Angeles needed a new roof. Not just any roof, but one that would make the facility more energy efficient in light of the California electrical blackouts, brownouts, and record energy bills. Frito-Lay chose the SR-2001, a photovoltaic roofing system, which incorporates a time-tested, thermoplastic roofing membrane and flexible photovoltaic cells. The EnergySmart Roof membrane panels were individually assembled on the roof in a side-by-side configuration and wired to the building's electrical system. The result is a solar electrical roofing system that protects the building's interior while generating power for the building's electrical needs.

Sarnafil Reader Service No. 305

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