May 01, 2001 |

Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Obscure glazing

A new technology — thermally reversible light scattering — allows a window to obscure the view when cold. When the window is heated, it becomes clear. Typical applications include privacy windows, skylights, sunrooms, oven windows, view ports for doors, fireplaces and decorative mirrors.

Pleotint LLC.

Reader Service No. 334

Fixtures on display

Multiple recessed spots in both square and rectangular housings accommodate MR-16, AR-111, PAR-36 and PAR-38 lamps. Gimbal ring trims may be adjusted 360 degrees for a broad range of applications, including downlighting and wall washing. For spotlight effect, swivel fixtures feature both line- and low-voltage units.

W.A.C. Lighting.

R.S. No. 338

Alternative to vinyl

No adhesive is needed for this soft alternative to vinyl sheet flooring. The carpeting has a closed-cell vinyl cushion backing and a dry adhesive for easy installation. Normal vacuuming is all that's required for cleanup and damaged areas can be cut out and replaced almost seamlessly. Ideal for commercial and institutional facilities.

Collins & Aikman.

Reader Service No. 339

Discrete doorways

Folding door hardware maximizes workspace. The flexible door folds back 180 degrees and lies flat against adjoining walls. The patented jamb hinges attach simply with screws, as do the control arm and panel connecting hinges.

L.E. Johnson Products.

R.S. No. 335

Shades of indirectness

Suitable for lobbies, general office spaces, schools, retail establishments and public building interiors, indirect and semi-indirect die-formed steel fluorescent luminaires combine performance and styling. Six profiles offer a choice of solid body or perforated accents in white, specular aluminum, steel gray and pastel finishes. Segments can be joined for continuous row mounting, while simple, unobtrusive joiner configurations permit a continuous overall appearance.


Reader Service No 336

No sanding subfloor

Damage to subflooring caused by excessive moisture is minimized by a vertical notching system and tongue-and-groove configuration, eliminating the need to sand or replace the subflooring.

Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

R.S. No. 337

Light show time

A close encounter with LED lighting took place at the Famous Players Colossus movie theater in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Twenty-six LED color-changing luminaires combined with more than 500 feet of Light Pipe trim the circumference of this spaceship-themed multitheater complex. The LED-based luminaires, all responding to preprogrammed color-change patterns, provide patrons with an entertaining experience from the moment they enter the parking lot.

TIR Systems Ltd.

Reader Service No. 310

Anti-theft light

Lamp cannot be removed without special key and provides up to 10,000 hours of energy-efficient light, making it ideal for public spaces in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools, where theft is a possibility. Spiralock's key component is the base shell, which screws into the lamp like a regular bulb and locks into place.


R.S. No. 340

Checkpoint Charley

Battery-powered, computer-controlled stand-alone lockset can manage up to 300 users and 233 million possible codes. Infrared data transmission transfers programming and event history between the computer and lockset.

Security Door Controls.

Reader Service No. 319

Not just for floors

Available in 52 heathered colorways in both 2-meter widths and 50-cm tiles, ribbed texture wall carpet absorbs sound as it protects interior surfaces. Fusion-bonded, it cuts in any direction without raveling, making it suitable for wall graphics as well as for creative floor treatments in lobbies and halls.


Reader Service No. 333

PM software

Electronic utility allows contractors to convert from current software to Forefront Construction Management software, including both the file-maintenance and transaction components. Forefront manages everything from payroll to document imaging. Optimized for Windows NT Server.

Dexter + Chaney.

Reader Service No. 313

Taking control

The Lighting Controls Association (LCA) educates facility owners and designers on the benefits of lighting controls and fluorescent dimming technology, such as energy cost savings, improvements in the work environment and a reduction in pollution. LCA is an outgrowth of the National Dimming Initiative, an effort funded by Advance Transformer Co. that developed a CD-ROM describing lighting control options and case studies.

Lighting Controls Association.

Reader Service No. 331

Friendly light

Wallpacks with glare shields, available in bronze or white powder-coat finishes, are designed to eliminate both light trespass and night sky pollution. They are available in 35-, 50-, 70- and 100-watt high-pressure sodium; 50-, 70- and 100-watt metal halide or 42-watt compact fluorescent. A retrofit kit, including a cutoff frame, glass lens and mounting hardware, can convert to cutoff units.

RAB Electric.

Reader Service No. 329

European elegance

Design inspired by the patterns of chainmail in medieval armor is available in new carpet line. Solution-dyed nylon in 13 neutral hues, the carpeting is ideal for corporate and retail facilities, and carries an extra-heavy traffic certification.

Beaulieu Contract.

R.S. No. 328

Path of righteousness

Ultra-high-output light-emitting diodes (LEDs) achieve excellent energy efficiency with 100,000-hour life expectancy, providing an even wash of illumination on pathways including aisles, stairways, and hallways in such facilities as movie theaters, auditoriums, hotels, casinos and restaurants, or wherever low-level illumination is needed. Tread surface designed to withstand harsh traffic.

Permlight Products Inc.

R.S. No. 341

Staggering specs

Adjustable, low-profile staggered light fixture for both T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lamps in 120 or 277 volts can be adjusted to varied spaces and still provide a continuous glow. The T5 comes with a high-output ballast option, while the T8 fixture is available with a high-output emergency or dimming ballast. A sliding adjustment feature permits the lamps to overlap, thereby eliminating socket shadows. The adjustability allows lamps to extend to the end of the run in applications such as ceiling coves.

Bartco Lighting.

Reader Service No. 342

IAQ gets boost

Duct insulation keeps moisture off of air-stream surfaces to ensure good indoor air quality. The system includes smooth mat facing for less resistance to airflow and 20 percent lower porosity to air than coated products. Duct Board-M includes an antimicrobial agent. The technology was created by modifying the black layer of fiberglass board.

Knauf Fiber Glass.

Reader Service No. 332

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