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Outside or inside?

Two nature-inspired commercial ceilings have a noise reduction coefficient of .65 and a ceiling attenuation class of 37. The Traces patterns, Ferns and Coral, are designed for hospitality, retail, restaurant, and healthcare applications. The 2x2-ft. mineral fiber panels feature a square tegular edge detail and install easily in a standard 9/16-in. suspension system. They have a recycled content of 73% and are recyclable.


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From above

Gypsum-based, 24x24x½-in. ceiling tiles are available in three perforated geometric patterns, square quattro 20, round point 11, and rectangular line 4, used in conjunction with unperforated base 31 for design flexibility.


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Ceiling that breathes

Acoustical ceiling panels feature a honeycomb structure that allows it to be absorptive at high and low frequencies. With an overall sound absorption average of .89 and a noise reduction co-efficient of .85, the panels are ideal for convention center meeting rooms. They are rated to withstand humidity levels up to 90% and temperatures of up to 104 degrees.

Hunter Douglas.

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Create a dome

Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated system for designing and building ceiling domes uses a system of interlocking components that eliminates on-site measuring, bending, and cutting. The system can cut total costs by as much as 50%, says the maker.


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Individual control

Variable refrigerant flow-zoning system features inverter technology and simultaneous cooling and heating. The City Multi R2 system is ideal for hospitals, multi-level office buildings, and hotels, where building owners want to provide each individual space with its own personalized, zoned comfort system. The system is offered in 80,000 Btu/h units with up to 15 connectable indoor units, and 100,000 Btu/h units with up to 16 connectable indoor units, for outdoor use. Three indoor models are offered, including wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, and concealed-ducted types. The indoor units have a linear electronic expansion valve that enables the indoor units to operate with variable capacity.

Mitsubishi Electric.

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Standup walls

The DeWitt High School in DeWitt, Mich., chose precast concrete wall panels to improve heating and cooling efficiency and save on construction costs. The VersaCore panels saved the school district approximately $1.25 million, according to Project Director Gary Ciampa of Clark Construction, the project's contractor. The panels were also chosen for their wear during harsh weather conditions, because the material had to compete with the cold Michigan winter during construction, according to Ciampa. Extended panels were chosen to help the school cope with water damage and accidental impact.


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Safe and weather proof

Pre-engineered employee/pedestrian passageways are made from structural steel tubing and are designed to protect people from harsh weather. The shelters come fully assembled, complete with glazing, lighting, and optional heating units, and can be positioned over newly installed or existing turnstile equipment.

Porta-King Building Systems.

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