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April 01, 2004 |

Instant light

High-bay lighting luminaire for industrial and commercial applications features four 54-watt or four 80-watt T5/HO linear fluorescent lamps to provide instant on, high CRI, and 95% lumen maintenance. In addition to providing instant light, the Industra 5 FTV also features a dimming option for multi-level lighting controls, which can save energy. According to the manufacturer, the luminaire lowers maintenance costs by providing 20,000 plus hours of lamp, compared to its peers. The light can be both chain and surface mounted for lower installation costs. Reflector finishes are available in Miro 4 and specular aluminum.

Day-Brite Lighting.

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Multi-task ballast

High-efficiency electronic ballasts for T8 fluorescent lighting systems will operate one or two 17-watt, 25-watt, 28-watt, 30-watt, or 32-watt T8 fluorescent lamps. The Optanium Programmed-Start (PS) ballasts come in two versions: a standard light output design with a .88 Ballast Factor and a lower-watt design. The instant-start ballasts feature a 0F starting on standard T8 lamps and 20-foot remote mounting/tandem wiring capabilities. An auto-restrike capability feature further eliminates the need to reset power mains after failed lamps are replaced. Both standard and low-watt Optanium PS ballasts are available for the operation of one or two lamps on 120-volt and 277-volt systems. Three- and four-lamp versions will be available soon. Best for long-burning applications, including retail, warehouse, and offices.

Advance Transformer Co.

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Computer-mapped lighting

Digital lighting system features AddressPro ballasts, which allow multiple light sources, including fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent, to be controlled as one system. The ballasts work with T5 and T8 linear fluorescent and 13W-42W compact fluorescent. The system allows these light sources to be individually addressed or grouped into zones. AddressPro digital training module, an online training tutorial on how the system works, is available at

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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Hotel illumination

Expanded line of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) affords hotel operators an opportunity to fill every guestroom light socket with energy-efficient lamps, and cut energy costs by as much as 77%, according to the manufacturer. The new line of products is made up of the 15/25/32-watt three-Way Spiral, the 15-watt R30, and the 26-watt R40 Dimming Reflectors, the Mini Biax, and the Mini A-Line lamps. The 15/25/32-watt three-Way Spiral CFL offers maximum lumen output of 2,200 lumens, 2,700K, and 82 CRI and produces light levels that equal or exceed levels produced by a standard 50/100/150-watt three-way incandescent lamp. The 15-watt R30 and 26-watt R40 Dimming Reflector both provide a flicker-free instant start in less than one second in temperatures as low as 5F. The Mini Biax and Mini A-Line CFLs offer a 15,000-hour rated life. The 42-watt Spiral CFL combines the equivalent light output of a 150-watt incandescent lamp (2,650 lumens) with the smallest possible CFL (6.4 inch) The Spiral CFL has a 10,000-hour life, enabling hotels to save as much as $108 per lamp over the life of the lamp versus the 150-watt incandescent.


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Green ceilings

The Brook Green Garden Museum in Pawleys Island, S.C., chose the Luxalon ceiling system because of its different looks and variety of applications. The Luxalon ceilings are available in linear metal in a selection of widths, open cell and cell frame plenum-masking systems, planks and tiles, curved panels, acoustical baffles, and clean, exterior soffits. The ceiling system can be used on the interior and exterior and is made up of more than 70% recycled aluminum. Luxalon metal ceilings do not harbor mold or mildew.

Hunter Douglas.

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Sustainable ceiling

Ceiling panels with a monolithic appearance are backed by sound absorption, reflectance, and fire resistance. Made from melamine, these panels are recyclable, mold and mildew resistant, inorganic, and free of off-gassing or shedding of fibers into the air. EuroFoam panels are ideal for interior open plan spaces requiring sound absorption and light reflectance. Ideal for offices, health care facilities, and schools. Available in standard 24x24-inch and 24x28-inch sizes.

Chicago Metallic.

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Way up high

Wall and ceiling system is made of a high-performance integrated glass fiber core with a matte face covering and has tension track arranged around the perimeter of the acoustical core. With NRC values ranging from .80 to over 1.00, the Eurospan system can be shaped flat, domed, or coffered, or formed into custom floating clouds or high walls. Offered in classic white, beige, light blue, black, and custom-dyed and field-painted, the material allows for clean cuts for lights, vents, sprinklers, and other penetrations. The system comes with a Class 1 rating and meets or exceeds fire hazard classification 25/50 in accordance with ASTM E84. The textile has a flame spread of 0 and smoked density of 5. The standard white textile also has a light reflectance of .75 and .80. Eurospan comes with a 10-year warranty.

Owens Corning.

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