April 01, 2004 |

Long-lasting lighting

Uni-Form pulse-start lamp is 125 watts with a mogul base and is recommended by the manufacturer for parking garages, retail spaces, airports, and other high-bay and low-bay lighting applications. The lamp provides 12,000 initial lumens, 8,400 mean/design lumens, and a color temperature of 4,000K. Compared to traditional 175-watt pulse-start metal-halide lamps, this 125-watt lamp offers more mean lumens over its lifetime and provides 50% longer life at 15,000 hours. It also offers a color rendering index of 65.

Venture Lighting.

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Back on track

Two-circuit line-voltage track system comes with a complete palette of lighting tools, including a new line of low voltage spotlights, compact-fluorescent wall washers, and HID accent lights. Fixtures and pendants can be placed anywhere on the two-circuit track in groups or locations. The Flexrail2 System can be custom designed with graceful curves to negotiate challenging corners on ceilings and walls, as well as circular configurations of varying diameters. The silver-grey colored rail is offered in 4-inch and 8-inch lengths.

W.A.C. Lighting Co.

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Time is running out

Digital time switch automatically turns lights off after a preset, user-selectable time-out setting. The TS-400 (low voltage) and the TS-400-24 (line voltage) count down the time from the preset time-out period (five minutes to 12 hours) and turns lights off when the time expires. Users can turn lights off during the countdown using the ON/OFF button. An LCD indicates time remaining with an optional alert to warn occupants of impending shut-off. A time scroll option allows users to scroll up or down through the possible time-out periods, temporarily overriding the time-out period. In addition to controlling lighting the TS switches can double as an override ON/OFF switch for HVAC and EMS systems. Best for equipment rooms, storage areas, and closets.

The Watt Stopper.

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Chilled lamp

High-output PL-L Germicidal SteriLamps line is available in 35-, 60-, and 95-watts and provides sustained UV-C efficiency over lamp life in low-temperature environments, including HVAC systems. In addition, the PL-L construction provides twice the UV-C intensity of single UV lamps, using the same amount of space within the system. To withstand the cold air within the HVAC system, these wind-chill-corrected, high-output PL-L lamps are loaded with more electrical watts for optimal performance.


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