Lamps and ballasts

August 01, 2001 |

Little lamp

Capsylite G9 halogen lamp measures half the length of an ordinary incandescent lamp. Developed in Germany, the 120-volt lamp is suitable for reading, task lighting or for highlighting objects such as paintings.

Osram Sylvania.

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Energy-saving accent

The Sub-Mini compact fluorescent lamp gives consumers an energy-efficient alternative for decorative and accent lighting. The lamp features flicker-free electronic operation and has a 10,000-hour life.


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Offering flicker-free 1 percent dimming for one- and two-lamp applications with 54-watt, T5 high output (HO) linear fluorescent lamps, ballast is 1-in.-high by 1.18-in.-wide, making it ideal for one- and two-lamp slim profile fixtures. The ECO-10 will dim to 10 percent with one or two lamps per ballast.


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Ballast wave

Promising a longer life, higher lumen maintenance, excellent color uniformity and more design options, this two-coil transformer ballast offers five-tap input voltages for more flexibility.

Venture Lighting.

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Suitable for all T8 ballasts

A full rated life of up to 20,000 hours is possible with the Alto Universal T8 fluorescent lamps in combination with all T8 ballast types, including instant start, rapid start, programmed start and hybrids. The lamps reduce cost without sacrificing lumens, color rendering or color temperature qualities.

Philips Lighting.

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Energy solution

Using 6 percent less energy than a standard T8, the 30-watt Watt-Miser fluorescent lamp and electronic ballast combination offers energy savings without loss in performance. With an 82 color-rendering index, the lamp is available in 4-ft. and 8-ft. versions.

GE Lighting.

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Cool, really cool

A cold cathode fluorescent lamp available in a tube or bulb shape burns at a cool 50 F to 77 F, instead of the traditional 100 F to 200 F. Standing at 96 to 99 on the color-rendering index, the lamp features an adjustable brightness circuit and resists vibration and impact, while operating up to 100,000 hours.


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Pay less, save more

A new lamp and ballast system, yielding up to 11 percent savings more than the standard system, is available with a .78 or .88 ballast factor.

Universal Lighting Technologies.

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Dim the lights!

Dimming cabinets for architectural applications feature a plug-in dimmer design, with a housing capacity of up to 18 2.4-kw electronic dimmers. The cabinets are stackable to accommodate 36 2.4-kw dimmers that can be factory-prewired. Each dimmer is capable of controlling incandescent, fluorescent, low-voltage, neon and cold cathode loads.


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Whiter light

Halogen lamp line combines the whiter light and energy savings of halogen technology with the soft look of incandescent reflectors by utilizing a special lens coating process. This process frosts the lens to offer a whiter halogen light, while eliminating the usual problems of hot spots and striations.

Litetronics International Inc.

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Up, up and upgrade

By upgrading facility fixtures, replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents and by light-emitting diode (LED) technology, the Methodist Health Care System's Smith and Scurlock Towers improved lighting conditions while saving more than $300,000 a year in energy and maintenance costs. The facility's 38,000 T12 lamps were replaced with just 34,000 T8 lamps. Approximately $67, more than four times the cost of the bulb, is saved on the electric bill over the life of the bulb. In addition, 692 incandescent exit signs were replaced;which will save more than $10,000 each year.

Advance Transformer Co.

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Pack it in

Compact 80-watt fluorescent lamp features a four-pin base compatible with preheat, rapid-start, electronic and dimming circuits. High-efficacy Pl-L lamps offer a high color-rendering index of 82 in addition to the energy-saving benefits associated with compact fluorescent technology. This lamp is dimmable because of its pin base. It offers nearly double the light output of others in its class. Because of its profile, it fits into smaller, spaces.

Philips Lighting.

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Dual-wattage operation

Electronic ballasts are used to operate low-wattage metal halide high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. These ballasts have a dual-wattage operation that allows one unit to operate 35- or 50-watt lamps, while the other will operate 70- or 100-watt lamps, permitting reduction of inventory.

Advance Transformer Co.

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Hang in there

This lamp is a cut-off cone in transparent crystal, which appears as if it's hanging in the air. It is made of pressed glass, which enables the presence of a barely perceptible support using a chrome-plated metal structure within.


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Oops no more

People can book meeting rooms online, where they can learn about a conference room's availabity and its occupants. The Room Wizard is placed outside of each conference room and connected to an organization's network to allow people to review and reserve meeting space from any computer that has network access. The 61/2-in. display features lights that indicate a room's immediate availability.


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