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May 01, 2003 |

Return to fresh air

Following the Sept. 11th attacks, an elementary school near Ground Zero didn't re-open for five months. High on the list of parent and teacher concern was the quality of the air staff and students would be breathing upon reoccupying the building. Twenty-five Model 501 air purifiers were donated to the New York City Board of Education, another 75 purchased for use in area schools, including PS/IS 89, which received 58 units. The Model 501 units use a patented HEPA Silent technology that provides a high level of filtration at low pressure for extra air purification and a noise level about the same as a personal computer, says the manufacturer. The current Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating for the Model 501 is 388 for smoke, 377 for pollen, and 377 for dust. This compares to an average industry rating of 155. "Since the units operate so quietly, they don't interfere with the classroom instruction," said Barbara Kariya, administrative assistant for the school. "In fact, you can't even hear them operate. Inside air has become cleaner, which gives parents assurance that the children are breathing clean air. Students' energy, alertness, and comfort have been enhanced."


Reader Service No. 306

Recycled backing

Carpet backing now uses 20% post-consumer recycled content and has received the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label approval. The Unibond RE system passes lateral seam stress tests, protects against delamination by withstanding up to 8.3 psi of force, and passes the dynamic crush moisture test with no moisture penetration after 10,000 cycles, according to its maker.


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Zero-VOC paint

Interior latex paint for high-end commercial applications contains no VOCs or harsh solvents, meeting LEED criteria. Harmony paints have anti-microbial properties that protect the paint film. Suitable for environments that require a high level of cleanliness, such as restaurants, animal containment areas, hotels, and schools.


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Bright light savings

More than 15 compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) models, including a three-way CFL, a candelabra-based CFL, and a BR40 reflector floor CFL, have all led the Environmental Protection Agency to name Osram Sylvania an Energy Star Partner of the Year. The CFL products use up to 75% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and last at least six times longer with the equivalent light output, resulting in at least $25 in energy savings per bulb over its life, according to the manufacturer.

Osram Sylvania.

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Environment-friendly flooring

Linoleum flooring is made of cork flour and linseed oil combined with resin from conifer trees, limestone, and wood flour, which is then laid on jute backing. When heated, Linosom provides a smooth surface that eliminates dust, bacteria, and germs, says the manufacturer.

Domco Tarkett.

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Roof reflection

Reflective roof coating provides the roof membrane with an extra layer of protection. EnviroGuard's reflective properties help lower the membrane temperature, reducing both the building's energy demands and the amount of heat emitted into the environment. EnviroGard can also withstand temperatures of up to -30 F.


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Certified walls

Vinyl-based brand-name wall coverings, including Bolta, Essex, Genon, Guard, Lanark, Tower, and Xquest, are Greenguard certified. The certification ensures that VOC emissions per square meter of wall covering fall below 500 micrograms within 96 hours of installation. The above-mentioned wall coverings reached the threshold in just 21 hours.

Omnova Solutions.

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Flush it away

Piston-operated flushometer features a non-hold open handle that controls water usage. The GEM 2(R) has an ADA-compliant handle, control stop, vandal-resistant cap, high copper/low zinc brass castings, and a sweat kit with cast-set screw wall flange.

Sloan Valve Co.

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