Glowing panels illuminate AOL's HQ

April 01, 2007 |

Looking for an innovative design solution for America Online's new 65,000-sf corporate office in Beverly Hills, Calif., architects from HOK specified Lightblocks translucent plastic panels to create luminous wall and graphic designs in several key spaces. HOK's use of Lightblocks is most evident on the circular second-floor space surrounding the building's rotunda. On one side of the rotunda, five orange-red-colored, 4x8-foot wall panels are inscribed with the AOL logo. On the opposite side of the rotunda the panels are etched in AOL company traits such as “Intuitive,” “Inspiring,” and “Dynamic.”

“I like using the Lightblocks material for its durability, flexibility, and array of color selections,” said Clay Pendergrast, Interior Design Director and VP with HOK.

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