August 01, 2001 |

In tandem

A line of modular and broadloom carpet, the Tandem Collection is a cross-category coordinated collection that uses the same color lines for three brands in six coordinating styles.

Tandus Group.

Reader Service No. 256

Quiet comfort

A cushioned rubber flooring system, earth-toned ComforTech Fountain offers durability, cleanliness, quietness and comfort in health-care, commercial, retail, transportation or institutional settings. Resistant to indentation, abrasion and most solvents, alkalis and diluted acids, it offers a nonglare, low-maintenance finish.


Reader Service No. 259

Coordinated carpeting

Featuring contemporary Italian artwork, the Modello line of carpeting comes in three patterns, which display an old-world-style square motif. Designed to withstand the abuses of heavily trafficked areas, the carpet has a denser construction and a lower face weight for increased durability.


Reader Service No. 257

Scrolling down

A group of 32 tip-sheared scrolls featuring organic and geometric designs, contemporary swirls and floral motifs is reminiscent of cut velvet jacquards. Ideal for office, retail and health-care installations, the Boutique II collection also is suitable for hotel lobbies and corridors.

Durkan Hospitality.

Reader Service No. 275

Bigger size

Sixteen-sq.-in. vinyl polyurethane-enhanced tile in 16 colors allows for customization of colorful designs. Cortina Grande is compatible with other resilient flooring.

Domco Inc.

Reader Service No. 264

Hotdogging it

The fast-food chain Hot Dog on a Stick in California required a flooring that could withstand the gallons of lemonade spilled on it, making it slippery. Meeting ADA requirements for slip-resistance because of aluminum oxide grains and quartz crystals distributed throughout, Designer safety flooring is water-tight and suitable for shopping center food courts.


Reader Service No. 268

Pop culture

A joint venture of the architectural firm Gensler and Milliken Carpet, Commercial Markets, has resulted in a modular carpet collection in eight design groups and 15 patterns. The Oxygen line includes Screen, a representation of TV screens. Other patterns suggest bubbles and fizz and striped blocks and textures such as linen, nubby cotton and tissue paper.

Milliken Carpet.

Reader Service No. 273

Industrial strength

Available in five patterns and inspired by industrial finishes — Rib, Pressplate, Stud, Matte Metal and Marcasite — 12-sq.-in. Techno tiles are designed for retail stores, leisure environments and offices. Marcasite and Matte Metal are also available in 18-in. tiles.

Amtico International.

Reader Service No. 250


A nondirectional pattern that includes decorative natural mineral recycled granules in the wear layer, the Marley Matrix is suitable for health-care, education and retail applications. Available in 61/2-ft. widths and 24 colors, the sheet vinyl flooring offers stain resistance both from above and from a contaminated subfloor.

Marley Flexco.

Reader Service No. 253


Retail environments, hair salons and health-care facilities require long-term user comfort, stain resistance and durability from laminate flooring. Regis Hair Salons found that flooring with an acoustic cushion underlayment provides resistance to permanent solutions and hair dyes while allowing stylists to withstand hours on their feet.

Wilsonart International.

Reader Service No. 269

Taken for granite

A granite sheet-flooring line expanded its palette to include 24 colors, ranging from light neutrals to bright pastels to medium and dark tones, enhancing design options for two-tone surface design.

Domco Tarkett Inc.

Reader Service No. 251

Advantages of kryptonite

With 15 colors, 925 B krypto-earth is inspired by granite and terrazzo. Reminiscent of weathered porcelain, the tile is suitable for applications including retail and airport interiors.

Freudenberg Building Systems.

Reader Service No. 282

Electric venue

An electrified floor system covers an area of 775,000 square feet in the Client Service Center of Mellon Financial Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. Throughout the project H.H. Robertson deployed its Q-Floor/Taproute System, which incorporates trench headers and 3-in.-deep distribution cells. The system permits flexible floor outlet locations with pre-set and after-set options, expansion capacity, fiber-optic capability, wire management compartments, radio-frequency shielding, wire security, outlet activation without core drilling, code compliance for the life of the structure and grounding for power circuits.

Centria/H.H. Robertson.

Reader Service No. 258

Uncorking sustainability

A sustainable product, Unicork is offered in 12 color patterns as well as custom colors. The flooring provides acoustical and thermal insulation, durability, resistance to mold and mildew and easy cleaning.

To Market.

Reader Service No. 263

In the stratosphere

Ideal for warehouses, airport hangars, auto shops and manufacturing or processing facilities, the more than 20 coatings in the StrataShield line represent all stages of the coating process, including surfacers, primers, broadcast laminates, self-levelers, trowel-down mortars and glazelike topcoats. Advantages include easy application, long life, moisture tolerance, easy mixing ratio and resistance to yellowing.

Tnemec Co. Inc.

Reader Service No. 252

Carpet matting

A coarse ribbed surface for wiping and scraping shoes in high traffic areas, matting can be laid loose or adhered to the floor with adhesive. Colors include charcoal, dark brown, blue-gray, teal and beige.

Musson Rubber Co.

Reader Service No. 283


A deconstructed square, Squared off, is one of six cut-and-loop patterns in 25 standard colors in the Montage Collection for corporate, retail and hospitality venues.

Atlas Carpet Mills Inc.

Reader Service No. 271

Natural look

A porcelain tile with the look of natural slate is offered in a mix of multicolors. Continental Slate can be specified in 6-sq.-in., 12-sq.-in., 12-by-18-in. and 18-sq.-in. sizes.


Reader Service No. 291

Linoleum options

A 19-sq.-in., 2.5mm-gauge linoleum tile, Linoplan is offered in 16 colors. The size and shape provides more flexibility to use different color combinations and experiment with layout.

Armstrong World Industries.

Reader Service No. 278

A new coat

A polyurethane, high-gloss enamel that resists abrasion and dirt, Concord also stands up against mild acid and alkali fumes, oil and grease, gases and steam.

Garon Products.

Reader Service No. 285

No pratfalls

A slip-resistant porcelain stone tile, Cross-Grip is offered in 8-sq.-in. tiles in four colors. Deemed excellent for kitchen areas of restaurants, the floor remains slip-resistant despite grease, water, high heels and sneakers.

Crossville Ceramics Co.

Reader Service No. 270

Dining enjoyment

A 3/8-in.-thick glued floor of Brazilian Lacewood and Brazilian Ash Aquatica was installed in Il Fornaio, a restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz., by Mission Hardwood Floor, also of Scottsdale.

Kentucky Wood Floors.

Reader Service No. 261

Making a foundation

Two fabrics with complementary physical properties are mechanically interlocked into one backing system, resulting in more stability and resilience. A yarn component provides a smooth and consistent foundation for improved pattern integrity and enhanced tufting definition.

SI Corp.

Reader Service No. 262

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