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Earth-savvy flooring

Embossed-surface flooring is comprised of an average of 50% recycled vinyl and wood powder and emits 10 times less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than linoleum and 50% less than rubber surfaces, resulting in better IAQ. LonEco Mesa flooring meets LEED Green Building system's MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 standards and U.S. Commerce Department measures for impact on the waste stream, energy consumption, and IAQ, acidification.


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Busy floor

Built in 1928 by architect John Eberson, the historic Louisville Palace Theatre began renovation in 2002. Funding to replace the Palace's carpet was offered on the condition that the job be designed and completed in just six weeks. Using photographs from the Louisville Historical Society and a 1985 image of the original carpet, the team replicated the Spanish baroque patterned carpet. The odd-sized spaces, curved balcony, and staircase were fitted with 3,500 yards of custom carpet.

Durkan Patterned.

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Stuck on you

Integrally bonded vapor barrier for below-grade flooring is moisture-impermeable for hospitals, schools, sports facilities, and hotels. Florprufe protects finishes on wood, tile, terrazo, carpet, and vinyl floors. When liquid concrete is poured over the membrane, the pressure-sensitive adhesive forms a continuous, integral bond to the concrete. Using Advanced Bond technology, the barrier is made of chemical-resistant polyolefin sheet, reinforced with a non-tacky adhesive coating.

Grace Construction Products.

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Anti-static flooring

Premier anti-static tiles are made of 100% polypropylene with a rubber-reinforced raised diagonal pattern that resists crushing. Available in 18-inch square size, with 1/4-inch or 7/16-inch thickness; in blue, green, black, gray, brown, maroon, and beige.

Musson Rubber Co.

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Under the floor

High-strength gypsum underlayment is best for retail outlets, offices, and other heavy-use commercial applications. Proflow is a self-leveling product that delivers a compressive strength range of 6,000-8,000 psi. It provides a smooth, hard underlayment surface over concrete slabs, pre-stressed concrete, or concrete planks at thicknesses from featheredge to 1 inch. Will not flake or powder and can typically be installed more quickly and economically than conventional Portland cement-based underlayments. Can be covered with a variety of floor coverings, including carpeting, ceramic tile, wood laminate, hardwood, and vinyl.


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Bump, set, spike

The Omnisport Collection includes four flooring products for use in gymnasiums, health clubs, community centers, and daycare centers. The cushioned surface provides balanced performance in wood, vinyl sheet, wax-free vinyl, and linoleum homogeneous flooring.

Domco Tarkett.

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Cross roads

Carpeting inspired by 1950s-era upholstery prints consists of two grids in different scales overlaid and offset from each other. Intersection is made from solid yarn-dyed Antron Legacy nylon and is available in 16 tone-on-tone colors. Made from 100% recycled-content backing, Intersection is an SCS-certified high-performance carpet that is fully recyclable.

C&A Floorcoverings.

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Wet seal

Tiles surrounding the rehabilitation pool at the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, Kerriville, Texas, were curling up on the edges. General contractor Faulkner Construction, flooring contractor Intertech Flooring, and the Bower Downing Partnership architectural firm determined that the room needed a floor that would stick in the warm, wet, and humid pool environment. Marine 20, specially designed with a dimpled surface to provide slip resistance for bare feet, was chosen for the pool area, while Impressionist II was chosen for the locker rooms and the connecting corridors. Both products can be heat-welded and are self-coving, for use in wet areas.


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Cushioned walking

Carpet-cushioning system is designed to perform in high-traffic spaces, including malls, airports, convention centers, and department stores. Made with over 90% post-consumer recycled fiber, derived from used plastic bottles, EcoLogix has a lamination strength of more than 20 lb. per inch. The backing system's composite construction resists compression and provides long-term cushioning.

SI Flooring Systems.

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Healthcare vinyl

Commercial grade, no-wax, vinyl floor covering with an acoustic backing is engineered specifically for high-traffic areas. Chocflex absorbs sound, resists wear, and provides easy movement for wheels. According to its manufacturer, it will not shrink, stretch, or curl. Useful in healthcare facilities because it is treated with bacteriostat and fungicide, helping to prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Chocflex is treated with a soil-resistant polyurethane varnish that specifically prevents floor yellowing.

Mats Inc.

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Glazed manufacturing

The Midland (Texas) College Advanced Technology Center specified StrataShield flooring system to refurbish a 50-year-old concrete floor. The 30,000-sf automotive training section for GM, Ford, and Chrysler mechanics features StrataShield's Series 280 Tneme-Glaze topcoat. The flooring was chosen for its resistance to chemicals, abrasion, scrapes, and impact.


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High-end flooring

Modular carpet design collection for high-end corporate and retail facilities and high-traffic areas is backed with the Integrated Cushion Thermobond backing system, a thermoplastic coating with a reinforced fiberglass construction that will not shrink, stretch, cup, dish, or dome, says the manufacturer. The system is impervious to moisture and mildew and carries a lifetime warranty covering fiber, backing material, product integrity, and performance.


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Floor mosaics

San Diego's Elementary Institute of Science and Technology Learning Center includes colorful rubber floor tiles with water-jet cut patterns. The 15,000-sf facility houses 8,500-sf of rubber floors covered in mosaics designed by Linda J. Mitchell, CID and principal at interior design firm Jain Malkin Inc., in its corridors, labs, lobby, and stairways. The durable, low-maintenance flooring is resistant to traffic patterns as well as indentations from desks, tables, chairs, and other equipment. The flooring also features a slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines.

Nora Rubber Flooring.

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A floor's workout

Low-profile, high-performance gymnasium and aerobic flooring system is ideal for upgrading synthetic floors, since it can be installed directly over existing floor surfaces. The total finished floor thickness of the Clip DIN System is only 1-inch to 1 1/2-inches in increased height, depending on foam thickness.


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Simple carpet

Classic ribbed carpet line is available in three patterns — Exhibit, Avant, and Display. Available in 12 colors, the designs can be used monolithically or can be mixed to give different treatment to a space. Simply Artistic is a 36-inch modular carpet line with almost 330 SKUs.

Milliken Carpet.

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Delicate tile

Commercial tile collection available in 18 earth-based colors, tinted neutrals, and tonal steps conveys a seamless blanket of color with a monolithic appearance. Arteffects features a small-scale pattern with warm and cool accents. The 1/8-inch gauge, 12-inch by 12-inch tiles coordinate with other commercial flooring.


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What's under there?

Underfloor duct comes with brushed die-cast aluminum covers and flanges. Walker floor boxes and Walkerduct Pro Series feature a clear-coat finish. TopGuard-protected to prevent water, dirt, and debris from entering power and communication devices. Provides full power and communications access at the point of use and is best when applied to tile, terrazzo, carpet, and wood-covered floors.


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Wood look-a-like

Millwork Wall Base for floors and walls looks like finely milled wood, but has a greater resistance to scratching and nicks. Does not fade or contain any elements that may bleed through to the surface. Available in over 120 colors and 10 authentic profiles. Also available in an unfinished version that can be painted without sanding or priming.


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Emergency evacuation

The emergency marking system at New York's United National headquarters complex, which covers the floors and walls of its 41 above-ground levels, was put to the test during last August's blackout. DuraGlow, a photoluminescent egress pathway marking system, uses the pigment Lumilux, designed and manufactured by Honeywell Specialty Materials. Lumilux absorbs and stores energy after being exposed to ambient light — daylight, white lamp light, or UV-radiation. When the lights go out, Lumilux releases energy and instantly begins to glow for up to eight hours.

Dura Architectural Signage.

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