EPDM panels create cool roofs

March 01, 2009 |



As the widest white EPDM membrane sheet in the industry, 25-foot-wide RubberGard EcoWhite EPDM membrane panels reduce labor and materials costs. The reduction of overall seaming required also enhances watertight integrity, Firestone's EPDM product manager Jim Jannasch told BD+C. EcoWhite is one of the industry's most reflective white membranes, with an initial solar reflectance of 0.8 and a solar reflective index of 99.

Applications: As a white-on-black bi-laminate EPDM membrane, EcoWhite is used as the waterproofing layer in a fully adhered roof system for both new construction and re-roof applications.

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: Contact your local Firestone Building Products sales rep for pricing: (800) 428-4442

Contents: Ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber (EPDM)

Options/Sizes: Four widths—10, 20, 25, 16 feet 8 inches; all 0.06 inches thick and 100 feet long

Environmental attributes: White surface reflects solar radiation, which helps building owners reduce cooling loads. Meets the Solar Reflectance Index requirements for LEED Sustainable Sites Credit 7.2

Contact: Firestone Building Products, www.firestonebpco.com/roofing/epdm/ecowhite

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