Energy-saving HVAC software installed at University of Texas

February 01, 2010 |


OptimumHVAC software has been installed in Chilling Station 6 of the University of Texas at Austin's district cooling system. Results from the first full month of operation show that the plant is on target to meet estimated first-year savings of six million kWh, for an operating cost reduction of $500,000. Chilling Station 6 is part of the university's 46,000-ton cooling system that serves the campus's 17 million sf of building space. With OptimumHVAC, the annual wire-to-water performance range for Chilling Station 6 is expected to be 0.33 to 0.78 kW/ton, compared to the design performance range of 0.57 to 0.79 kW/ton. In the first month of operation with OptimumHVAC, Chilling Station 6 has operated as low as 0.28 kW/ton.


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