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March 01, 2006 |

Roof Spray has the Best of Both Worlds

Baytec SPR 185A hybrid thick-film coating is formulated for industrial roof systems. It combines durability, flexibility, and rapid cure to create a seamless roof coating that protects against leaks, weather, and foot traffic. The spray foam-applied coating combines two chemicals: polurea for durability and polyurethane for flexibility and processing.

Bayer MaterialScience

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Tighter Skylights

Naturalite's Continuous Vault skylight system is available in an improved thermal performance version that allows buildings to have airtight, thermally efficient skylit ceilings.

Naturalite from Vistawall

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Plastics Keep Out Mold and Mildew

Plastex PolyWall combines recycled polyethylene and polypropylene, usually incompatible resins, to create a chemically inert wall covering that is waterproof and mold and mildew resistant. The wall covering sheets are approved for high moisture environments, and are not affected by acids or chemical solvents.

Parkland Plastics

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Easy Lighting Design

3dOP lighting software from Allscape instantly performs lighting analysis and allows users to see how fixture positions dynamically affect output and overlap. The software includes data for in-ground fixtures, step lights, bollards, footlights, pole-mounted fixtures, and building-mounted fixtures.

Allscape by JJI Lighting

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Indirect Approach

The Indirect luminaire throws less than half its light upward. The luminaire focuses light energy onto an upper reflector, which sends it downward with virtually no stray light, minimizing light pollution. The fixture features a motion sensor that cuts the light off in unoccupied areas.

Architectural Area Lighting

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Open The Door of Possibilities

Sextant door pulls offer numerous options for grips, finials, materials, and finishes that can be mixed and matched. Grips are available in stainless steel, bronze, or tactile black. Finials come in four designs in stainless steel or bronze. Sextant door pulls are ADA-compliant and may be single or back-to-back mounted.


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Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow

Mineral fiber ceiling panels are manufactured from a cotton-like substance that provides excellent sound absorption and high thermal resistance. Snowen panels are formaldehyde-free and are suited for commercial environments where acoustical control, fast installation, and low maintenance are a priority.

InterSource Specialties Co.

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Concrete Carpeting

Woven carpet collection mimics the appearance of four hard-surface architectural components: glass, steel girders, steel rebar, and concrete. The Translations line is composed of a skein-dyeable metallic polymer nylon that provides a high-luster effect. The glass, steel, and concrete textures are achieved by varying pile heights and loom sizes. The color palette includes steely grays, sea glass greens and blues, and flat neutral tones.

Karastan Contract, Mohawk Group

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The Only Masonry Cement You'll Need

Cemex masonry cement is formulated and manufactured to produce mortar for use in brick, block, stone plaster, and stone masonry construction. The mixture includes portland cement blended with plasticizers such as limestone and hydrated or hydraulic lime.


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The Air's not There

Air-Bloc liquid-applied air barriers are available in both a non-permeable and vapor-permeable formula. The membranes reduce energy costs from heat loss, cooling loss, and surplus humidity. Working in concert with tight roofs and windows, Air-Bloc products create an effective building envelope system.

Henry Company

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