Product roundup: 12 cutting-edge roofing solutions

Dynatsy Shingles from IKO, CR G cap sheets from Johns Manville, and GenFlex EPDM Adhesive from GenFlex Roofing Systems are three of the 12 products in BD+C's March Product Roundup.

March 29, 2017 |

These 12 roofing products offer a variety of options for your next commercial roofing project.


1. Dynasty Shingles


Architectural laminate shingles feature a nailing area that is 40% wider than standard shingle nailing zones to speed installation. Designed to resist wind speeds up to 130 mph, Dynasty shingles require only four nails per shingle—versus the typical six nails—providing project savings. A tear-resistant, reinforced woven band within the nailing zone offers fastening strength for this shingle product.


2. KEE-Stone FB 60

Garland Co.

This new fleece-backed thermoplastic membrane is formulated using the highest-grade DuPont Elvaloy ketone ethylene ester (KEE) to provide resistance to UV and heat degradation. In accelerated weathering tests, KEE-Stone showed no signs of cracking or cratering, even at 100 times magnification, which is 10 times more than the ASTM D 6745 standard requires. The system is reinforced with a polymer-coated scrim.


3. Kemperol AC Speed FR System

Kemper System America 

This fast-curing, cold liquid-applied roof system has a solar reflectance index (SRI) rating of 108. It is comprised of two components—a two-part liquid-applied polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin and a reinforcing layer—which together form a fully-reinforced monolithic membrane. The resin cures in minutes for fast prep time. Does not require a topcoat, reducing installation time.


4. CR G Cap Sheets

Johns Manville 

New cap sheets offer the ease of installation of standard granulated cap sheets, along with the energy efficiency benefits of a highly-reflective, emissive surface. CR G cap sheets provide long-term stain resistance and can be installed with cold application adhesive, hot asphalt, or heat-weld methods. The product is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and has UL and FM Global approvals.


5. Sika SolaRoof

Sika Corp.

This solar roof system involves welding PVC pads directly to the roof membrane, providing a non-penetrating, lightweight solution. Sika SolaRoof eliminates potential leakage points and the possibility for roof damage due to lateral movement. Ballast is typically not required with Sika SolaRoof installations, making it suitable for lightweight roof structures. The entire system is eligible for warranty coverage up to 20 years. 


6. BIL-Guard 2.0


Roof hatch railing system was redesigned with a self-closing hinge, a positive latching system, and aluminum construction for increased strength and rigidity. Faster and easier to install than prior models, BIL-Guard 2.0 features quick-mount curb brackets for a fast, secure attachment and pivoting mounting sleeves with compression fittings to lock the railing system into place. Fits virtually any size or brand of roof hatch.


7. EPDM x-23 Adhesive

Mule-Hide Products

Low-VOC bonding adhesive quickly creates a strong bond between EPDM membranes and a variety of porous and nonporous substrates. EPDM x-23 is designed to flash off rapidly, decreasing the chance that solvents will become trapped underneath the membrane, and potentially causing the membrane to blister. Its extended open time makes the adhesive suitable for large sheets.


8. Solarhide

DaVinci Roofscapes

This one-step radiant barrier underlayment also serves as a vapor barrier. A single layer of Solarhide used in conjunction with DaVinci synthetic slate or shake roofing tiles can attain a Class A fire rating. The rip-resistant underlayment is produced with woven and nonwoven fabrics, as well as pure aluminum, and is 100% recyclable. Exceeds Miami-Dade specifications for performance and durability.


9. GenFlex EPDM Adhesive

GenFlex Roofing Systems

Adhesive offers single-sided, wet-lay application for fast installation, with near-zero VOCs and zero odor. The solvent-free adhesive formulation allows contractors to mate the membrane as soon as it has been applied. There is no need to wait for flash-off and no mixing is necessary. Offers a coverage rate of 120-150 sf per gallon—50% greater than other systems, says the maker.


10. LP FlameBlock


Designed for roof deck applications for Type III and V construction, this fire-rated OSB sheathing provides structural strength and fire code compliance in a single panel. Offers higher design values than FRT plywood at the same thickness, says the maker. Carries load/span and shear design values equivalent to an untreated wood structural panel in the same panel thickness category. Available in 7/16-inch thickness category.


11. Henry Restoration System

Henry Company

Liquid-applied roof restoration portfolio offers a cost-effective alternative to re-roofing by helping owners restore a building’s roof without the expense of removing and installing a new roof. The warranted systems are compatible with most roofing substrates, providing weather-proofing protection on both low- and steep-sloped roofs. Select products are available in premium and custom colors.



GCP Applied Technologies

This synthetic water-shedding underlayment is 20 times stronger than #30 felt and can be exposed for up to six months, making it suitable for temporarily drying in structures during construction periods. It provides a stable base for the application of mechanically-attached roof coverings. Its slip-resistance coating provides improved foot traction and a safe walking surface.

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