Pre-engineered canopies, awnings, and walkways by Kalwall Corporation

Kalwall's new photo gallery of Walkways and Canopies offers some of the latest examples of design uses. 

February 10, 2014 |

Gone are the days when walkways, canopies, and awnings were used to block light. For almost 60 years Kalwall has been the industry leader in incorporating daylighting to a buildings design, which results in architecturally exciting transitions from exterior to interior.

While strong on aesthetics, Kalwall’s real strength lies in the structural integrity, which stands up to hurricane-force winds, high snow loads and the most demanding code requirements.

Our new Photo Gallery of Walkways and Canopies offer some of the latest examples of design uses. If your design calls for daylighting, call us and we’ll shed some light on a few solutions!; 800-258-9777

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