Peter Marchetto joins Tishman as president of Construction Operations

June 17, 2009 |

NEW YORK, NY, June 17, 2009 – Tishman Construction Corporation Chairman, Daniel R. Tishman, today announced that Peter Marchetto joined the company as President of Construction Operations. Mr. Marchetto has more than 25 years of construction management experience in diverse market sectors, including: high-rise office buildings; corporate campuses; interiors; education; hotels; courthouses; technology facilities; retail; restoration and many types of public buildings. Mr. Marchetto is also joining the newly created Office of the Chairman, which oversees all of the company’s activities, with a particular focus on expanding Tishman’s share of key markets and sectors.

In addition to Mr. Marchetto, the Office of the Chairman will include current Tishman executives: John T. Livingston, President of Corporate Operations for Tishman Construction; Jay Badame, Regional President and Chief Operating Officer of Tishman Construction in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and Daniel McQuade, Regional President of Tishman Construction in New England, Nevada and California.

“These top executives will work with me to expand our market segments, bring in new clients and develop strategies to help us grow and provide the best services possible for our clients,” said Mr. Tishman. “At Tishman, we view challenging times as an opportunity for growth and expansion. With the addition of Pete Marchetto, I believe we have the strongest management team in the industry, which will allow us to emerge from the current economic downturn with a strengthened position in the marketplace.”

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