Perkins+Will master plans Vedanta University teaching hospital in India

July 14, 2009 |



Working together with the Anil Agarwal Foundation, Perkins+Will developed the master plan for the Medical Precinct of a new teaching hospital in a remote section of Puri, Orissa, India. The Vedanta University teaching hospital is part of an ambitious plan to develop this rural area into a global center of education and healthcare that would be on par with Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.

The 500-bed facility, set to open in 2011, will serve as a regional hub for critical medical specialties such as cardiology and diabetes, and focus research on prevalent public health issues in the surrounding area. With the heart of the project geared toward giving back to the community, Perkins+Will designers have carefully incorporated the area’s cultural values by working with local materials and artisans to capture India’s modern art trends within the building plans.









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