Online travel company moves to the 66th floor of the Empire State Building

The new headquarters includes almost 20,000 sf of additional space.

June 11, 2018 |
Agoda headquarters in Empire State Building

To paraphrase Denzel Washington, King Kong doesn’t have anything on Agoda. Taking a page out of the giant monster’s book, Agoda, an online travel company, is climbing the Empire State Building. Formerly occupying 7,600 sf on the iconic building’s 47th floor, the company has moved to a 27,000 sf space on the 66th floor.

The tech-based company wanted a headquarters space with an open floor plan that is more conducive to collaboration and a better workflow. The space features an industrial aesthetic with an exposed ceiling, modern concrete flooring, exposed steel columns, and 360-degree views.

The deal for the new space is for 10 years. The build team consisted of Vocon Architecture, MG Engineering, and James E. Fitzgerald, Inc.


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Agoda headquarters in the Empire State Building

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