Office projects under construction

March 01, 2007 |

1450 Bricknell Office Tower

35 stories, 580,000 sf

$240 million

Rilea Group (D); Nichols Brosch Wurst & Wolfe Associates (A); PBS&J (CE); DeSimone Consulting Engineers (SE); Steven Feller Engineers (M/E/P); Coastal Construction (GC)

Applebee's Headquarters Office Building

Lenexa, Kansas

2 stories, 200,000 sf

$25 million

Applebee's International Inc. (O); Berkebile Nelson Immenschuh McDowell (A); Shafer, Kline & Warren (CE); Structural Engineering Associates (SE); Lankford & Associates (M/E/P); J.E. Dunn (GC)

Battlefield Office Park

Freehold, N.J.

2 stories, 293,000 sf

$32 million

Woodmont Properties (D, A, GC)

Beck Carton/Transpak Corp. Building

Franklin, Wis.

2 stories 663,000 sf

$29.2 million

Beck Carton Corp. (O); Briohn Building Corp. (DB)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Service Center

Amarillo, Texas

1 story, 100,000 sf

$21 million

Blue Cross Blue Shield (O); Goettsch Partners (A); Western Builders of Amarillo (GC)

Calkins Professional Business Park

Henrietta, N.Y.

1,206,000 sf

$20 million

LeFrois Builders (D, GC); MRB Group (A);

Cincinnati Financial Corp. Tower

Fairfield, Ohio

7 stories, 380,000 sf

$98 million

Roth Partnership (A); Cincinnati Financial Corp. (O); Burgess & Niple (CE); THP Limited (SE); Heapy Engineering (M/E); Messer Construction (GC)

College Street Office Building

Asheville, N.C.

10 stories, 130,000 sf

$30 million

Northwest Property Group (D); PBC&L (A); Kloesel Engineering (SE); Abbott Construction (GC)

Comcast World Headquarters

Somerset, Pa.

57 stories, 1.2 million sf

$115 million

Comcast Corp. (O); Liberty Property Trust (D); Robert A.M. Stern Architects (A); LF Driscoll (CM)

Commander Corporate Center

Norfolk, Va.

4 stories 148,000 sf

$24 million

Noell Development (O); Blackhawk Industries Supply Group (T); Mid-Eastern Builders (GC)

Crosstown Center Phase II

Boston, Mass.

7 stories, 210,000 st

$41 million

Opus West Corporation (O, D, DB);

Crosstown Associates (O); Add Inc. (A); Mount Vernon (GC)

Eisenhower Executive Building Modernization Phase II

Washington, D.C.

$85 million

US General Services Administration (O); Hayes Seay Mattern & Mattern (A); Grunley Construction Company (DB)

Epic Systems Campus Phase I

Verona, Wis.

2 stories, 2375,000 sf

$30 million

EPIC Systems (O); Cuningham Group Architecture (A); Donofrio Kottke & Associates (CE); Reigstad & Associates (SE); GRG Consulting Engineers (M/E/P); JP Cullen and Sons (GC)

Four Irvington Center

Rockville, Md.

6 stories, 230,000 sf

$30 million

Penrose Group (D); Boggs & Partners (A); NARDI Construction (GC)

Gateway Business Center

Prince William County, Va.

190,000 sf

$20 million

Buchanan Partners (D); Morgan Gick McBeath & Associates (A); Hubert Construction (GC)

Goldman Sachs World Headquarters

New York, N.Y.

43 stories, 2.1 million sf

$2 billion

Goldman Sachs & Co. (O) ; Tishman Construction (OR, CM); Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects (A); Cosentini Engineering (M/E/P);

Highwoods Office Building II

Tampa, Fla.

205,000 sf

$20 million

Highwoods Properties (D); Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart (A); Batson Cook (GC)

HSBC Corporate Headquarters

Mettawa, Ill.

5 stories, 440,000 sf

$50 million

Hamilton Partners (D); Wright Architects (A); Manhard Consulting (CE); Chris P Stefanos & Associates (SE); Environmental Systems Design (M/E); Pepper Construction (GC)

Kilroy Santa Fe Summit Phase II

San Diego, Calif.

5 stories, 350,000 sf

$50 million

Kilroy Realty (D); Architects Hanna Gabriel Wells (A); Hope Engineering (SE); McParlane & Associates (ME); Michael Wall Engineering (EE); Reno Construction (GC)

Lenovo Group Complex

Morrisville, N.C.

5 stories, 500,000 sf

$84 million Lenovo Group Ltd. (O); Duke Realty (D, GC); CSO Schenkel Shultz (A)


Las Vegas, Nev.

5 stories, 145,000 sf

$20 million

Marnell Corrao Associates (D, A, DB)

Pinnacle Business Center

Phoenix, Ariz.

1 story, 283,000 sf

$19.9 million

LaPour Partners (D); GDA Southwest (A); The Renaissance Company (GC)

PPD Corporate Headquarters Phase III

Wilmington, N.C.

12 stories 400,000 sf

$80 million

Cline Design Associates of Wilmington (A, OR); Uzun & Case (SE); Dewberry & Davis (M/E/P); Bovis Lend Lease (GC)

Rancho Bernardo Office Campus

San Diego, Calf.

3 stories, 245,000 sf

$33.9 million

Menlo Equities (D); RMW Architecture & Design (A); Webcor Builders (GC)

Renaissance Farragut Mixed Use Phase II

East Hempfield Township, Pa.

2 stories 28,000 sf

$50 million

Myers Brothers (D); Sanders Pace Architecture (A); Cannon & Cannon (CE); Mallia Engineering (SE); Bedinger Consulting Engineers (M/E) Vreeland Engineers (EE); Merit Construction (GC)

Renaissance Farragut Mixed Use Phase III

Knoxville, Tenn.

2 stories

$50 million

Sanders Pace Architecture (A); Cannon & Cannon (CE); Mallia Engineering (SE); Vreeland Engineers (EE); Merit Construction (GC)

River North Office Building

Chicago, Ill.

40 stories, 1.1 million sf

$300 million

Mesirow Stein Real Estate (D); Lohan Anderson Architects (A) Bovis Lend Lease (CM)

Rialto Commerce Center Phase III

San Bernardino, Calif.

384,117 sf

$27.6 million

Sares-Regis Group (D); RKZ (A); Fullmer Construction (GC)

Rocklin Corporate Center

Rocklin, Colo.

3 stories, 228,000 st

$33 million

Opus West (O, D, DB)

Scottsdale Class A Office Building

Scottsdale, Ariz.

6 stories, 265,000 sf

$26.5 million

Trammell Crow Co. (D); Keating & Khang (A); Paul-Koehler Consulting Engineers (SE); McGough Construction (CE)

Seven Springs Phase II

Brentwood, Tenn.

4 stories, 300,000 sf

$23.5 million

Highwoods Properties (O); Ragan-Smith Associates (E); Solomon Builders (GC)

Seagate Corporate Center Offices

Oceanside, Calif.

2 stories, 358,000 sf

$35 million

Carltas Development (O); Smith Consulting Architects (A); GSSI Structural Engineers (SE); DEC Engineers (ME); McParlane & Associates (EE); Hazard Construction Company (GC)

Sunroad Centrum Office Buildings Phase II

San Diego, Calif.

14 stories, 350,000 sf

$51 million

Sunroad Enterprises (O); Brian Paul & Associates (A); Hope Engineering (SE); McParlane & Associates (ME); Michael Wall Engineering (EE); Swinerton Builders (GC)

The Vue at Harbor East

Baltimore, Md.

12 stories, 1.1 million sf

$119 million

Struever Brothers Eccles & Rouse (D, GC); Beatty Harvey Architects (A);

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A Architect

AA Associate architect

AO Associate owner

C Consultant

CE Civil engineer

CM Construction manager

D Developer

DB Design-builder

DR Developer's representative

GC General contractor

ID Interior designer

JVCM Joint venture construction manager

JVGC Joint venture general contractor

M/E/P Mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineer

O Owner

OR Owner's representative

SE Structural engineer
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