October 2012: Product Spotlight

Carpeting collection; anti-slip synthetic roof underlayment; louver screens.

October 13, 2012 |

Complex colors and textures radiate from new flooring collection

The new Radiance carpeting collection from Tandus Flooring is a tip-shear/loop collection that uses Sero design technology to create complex color washes of pattern and luster. Constructed in Dynex SD nylon and Dynex SD Lustre adds sophistication to two modular patterns, Radiant and Lumen, and one coordinating broadloom called Echo (shown). The Echo broadloom is available with low-VOC acrylic LifeLONG backing. Twelve colorways run from warm to cool for corporate, healthcare, retail, and higher education applications.



Roof underlayment provides slip resistance, durability

NovaSeal roof underlayment is an anti-slip synthetic roof underlayment that is lighter and stronger than standard roofing felt while providing protection against water infiltration. The underlayment is made with a two-sided anti-slip engineered coating to produce a durable surface with better traction, making for a safer work environment in wet or dusty conditions. It is designed for use with all primary roofing materials, including shingles, shakes, terracotta/cement tiles, and metal.





Louver screens add protection, enhancement to building projects

Airolite louver screens are custom designed to provide a protective barrier as well as an architectural accent for commercial buildings. Available in horizontal and vertical sightproof blade configurations, they are fabricated from extruded aluminum, assembled entirely by welding, and finished after assembly to ensure high product quality and durability. All Airolite louver screens are available in a broad array of enamel and fluoropolymer coatings, and clear and color anodizing ensures maintenance-free durability and compatibility with other façade elements.


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