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Nifty video shows planned development of La Sagrada Familia basilica

After 144 years, construction on Gaudí's iconic Barcelona edifice is picking up speed, with a projected end date of 2026.

October 04, 2013 |

A new video by La Sagrada Familia Foundation combines aerial footage and computer animation to reveal planned development and the finished building.

The structure now has a target completion date of 2026, the 100th anniversary of the death of architect Antoni Gaudí.

The Barcelona landmark has been in the works for the past 144 years, and represents a unique take on design and construction, including groundbreaking use of the principle of biomimicry. About 65% of the church has been completed, but large sections of the central portion and façades have yet to be built. The main Jesus tower will be 560 feet high, surrounded by 12 shorter towers named for the apostles, four for the evangelists, and one for the Virgin Mary. If completed as planned, the structure will be the world's tallest church building.

Catch the flyover here.

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