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February 01, 2002 |

Practice makes perfect

Free, downloadable simulation program models the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting energy profiles in various building scenarios. The simulation capabilities of EnergyPlus include solar thermal, multizone air flow and electric power such as photovoltaic systems and fuel cells.

Put out the fire

Originally developed to enable a subway transit client to evaluate fire hazards, Baltimore-based fire sciences and engineering firm Hughes Associates Inc. now offers its Windows-based computerized fire safety evaluation system (CFSES) for use in fire-safety analyses of office complexes and other commercial buildings. The software performs routine calculations as well as detailed engineering analyses.


Guidebook analyzes the new International Building Code (IBC) and provides comparisons of IBC requirements to the current editions of the National Building Code, Standard Building Code, Uniform Building Code and National Fire Protection Agency's Life Safety Code. Developed by Chicago-based engineer RJA Group, E-codes Guide is available for free to AIA members at the MyAIA portal.

Improved safety and security

Asset-tracking software enables construction firms to improve access procedures, security and safety at job sites through picture identification badges with integrated bar code. The software also allows tracking of employees on the job site.

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