New standard test method for static loading and impact on exterior shading released

The method provides a standard lab procedure evaluation of ice and snow loads and impacts.

April 03, 2017 |

Pixabay Public Domain

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently released a new document that provides a standard laboratory procedure for exterior shading devices and the project-specific evaluation of downward static ice and snow loads and impacts from falling ice or snow.

AAMA 514-16, the Standard Test Method of Static Loading and Impact on Exterior Shading Devices, uses sandbags to simulate downward loads from ice and snow to test shading devices.

“AAMA 514 was created to provide design professionals with a consistent, repeatable, test method to help in assessing the effects of snow build-up and ice impact on exterior shading devices,” said Greg McKenna, Co-Chair of the APG Shading Device Task Group. “Accretion and release of a certain amount of ice and snow should be considered inevitable in most U.S. climates.”

Following AAMA 514 will help to ensure that the specified sun shade product has been properly designed and tested to meet the anticipated loads during its service life, McKenna said.

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