New resources offer tips on off-site construction

NIBS documents address using pre-cast concrete, and commercial and legal considerations of modular construction.

May 16, 2018 |

The National Institute of Building Sciences Off-Site Construction Council has released three new documents concerning modular construction.

These new resources are:

— “Getting the Most Out of Off-Site Construction: Steps for Success,” which provides a step-by-step approach to help overcome barriers. It outlines the process for the deployment of an effective off-site construction project.

— “Using Precast Concrete as an Off-Site Construction Strategy” looks at the reduction in the number of trade-to-trade coordination points on-site; addresses quality control at the plant and referenced standards and certifications; considers the impact to the construction schedules; and offers case studies, including the challenges of the project and reason for choosing off-site construction methods.

— “The Rise of Modular Construction: Emerging Commercial and Legal Considerations” examines some of the perceived challenges to effectively utilizing off-site construction methods, such as the application of building codes; licensing and permitting requirements; whether to treat the fabricator as a subcontractor or supplier; how long to maintain project records; lien and prompt payment statutes; and insurance twists.

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