New research finds 30 measures to significantly cut energy use

ASHRAE’s prescription cuts across all building types and climates.

April 28, 2016 |
Using 30 energy saving measures can cut energy use nearly in half

Photo: Phillip Pessar/Creative Commons.

New research funded by ASHRAE found that applying 30 specific energy savings measures, like chilled beams and external light shelves, can cut energy use by nearly 50%. This finding holds true across all building types and climate zones.

The national weighted change is 47.8% more energy efficient than Standard 90.1-2013 based on site energy, and 47.8% more energy efficient than 90.1-2013 based on source on energy. The study aimed to answer the question of “how energy efficient can commercial and multifamily buildings become in the near future if first cost is not considered.” 

Researchers assembled a list of energy efficiency measures that can be included in the design of non-residential buildings. The list included both commonly used and cutting-edge energy efficiency measures, according to Glazer.

From the resulting list of almost 400 measures, 30 were chosen for additional analysis. Most of these measures were focused on lighting and HVAC systems configuration and performance.

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