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New Mojave E finish from Dryvit weighs 40% less than standard pail; to be featured at AWCI Convention/Intex Expo in Nashville

New Mojave E finish from Dryvit weighs 40% less than standard pail; to be featured at AWCI Convention/Intex Expo in Nashville

August 11, 2010

(West Warwick, RI) – 10 March 2009 - Mojave E, a new premixed, lightweight finish that provides better performance characteristics than standard elastomeric finishes over Dryvit Outsulation® systems and other approved substrates such as stucco, will be introduced March 27-28, in booth #1007 during the AWCI Convention/Intex Expo at the Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN.

The finish will be featured in booth #1007 at the AWCI Convention & INTEX Expo.

Mojave E Finish is 100% acrylic-based, contains 8% post-consumer recycled glass and offers improved flexibility, ease of application and superior crack resistance. The patented formulation of Mojave E creates a finish that offers the same volume and coverage area as the standard five gallon bucket of Dryvit DPR finish, but actually weighs 40 percent less than the standard pail.  It also offers superior workability and, because it is lighter, it reduces applicator arm fatigue during installation.

The improved flexibility enhances crack-bridging on walls, meaning fewer callbacks and lower bottom- line cost.  In addition, its lighter weight also reduces transportation costs.  Because of its unique characteristics, the E Finish product line earned a United States Patent for its unique formulation and lightweight properties.

“Mojave E Finish is a superior, value-added alternative to traditional elastomeric finishes and that is a win, win for everyone,” said Barbara Catlow, Director of Marketing Communications at Dryvit Systems, Inc.

“Because it is 40% lighter, applicators find it easier to carry and apply. It is also easier on the environment because it is made from recycled material, and it will save on fuel and transportation costs as well.  Last but not least, when used as part of an Outsulation® system, it possesses the same performance and energy efficiency that building owners, applicators, engineers and architects alike have come to rely upon.”

Available in standard and custom colors, the durable Mojave E Finish provides surface color and texture for Dryvit systems. It can be applied over other properly prepared substrates such as exterior masonry, stucco, precast or cast-in-place concrete. It is also suitable for interior applications. It can be trowel applied or spray applied with a hopper gun or pole gun-type sprayer.  Mojave E Finish is shipped in 18 kg (40 lb) pails and yields an approximate coverage of 120 sq. ft. /pail. Used in combination with other Dryvit products with recycled content, it produces the most environmentally-friendly, energy-saving wall cladding in the industry.

About Dryvit Systems, Inc.

Dryvit Systems, Inc. (www.dryvitisgreen.com, www.dryvit.com) is the nation’s leading manufacturer of highly energy efficient exterior cladding systems that are more energy efficient and produce a smaller carbon footprint than other common claddings like brick, wood, vinyl and stucco, among others.  A subsidiary of the more than $3 billion industrial sealants and coatings brand holder RPM, Inc. of Medina, Ohio (NYSE:RPM), Dryvit is headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island and operates manufacturing facilities in Georgia, Oklahoma, California, Canada, Poland and China.  Since 1969 more than 400,000 commercial and residential buildings in the United States have been clad with an Outsulation system.

More info:

Barbara Catlow

Phil Loscoe

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