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New Medpace headquarters tower supports wellness culture


New Medpace headquarters tower supports wellness culture

Gresham Smith-designed facility rises seven stories in Cincinnati with fitness center, street-level shops and a parking garage.

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor  | February 22, 2022
Medpace HQ
Medpace's campus includes walkable paths, retails, and restaurants. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

The new 263,000 sf, seven-story global headquarters of Medpace, an organization conducting global clinical research for the development of medical therapeutics and devices, reflects its active wellness culture.

The Gresham Smith-designed facility embraces the firm’s vision of an interconnected campus with walkable paths, retail, restaurants, and daily, health-related activities. A 5,000 sf state-of-the-art fitness center graces the building’s second floor with sweeping views of the city. A wide, centralized staircase connects employees to nature with outside views and daylighting, providing encouragement for employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Medpace Exterior
Rainbow columns highlight the exterior of the Medpace building. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

 The focal point at the terminus of the lobby, the stairway also acts as a connector to social spaces—including breakrooms, lounge, and meeting spaces. The glazing at the stairwell atrium boasts a six-story custom LED art installation designed by world-renowned LED artist Erwin Redl. It features 10-foot x 10-foot panels illuminated by changeable, multi-colored LED lights. This feature, the “Medpace Matrix,” brings the exterior to life, especially at night, while creating a unique interactive experience that can be viewed from different levels inside.

Medpace Interior
The focal point of the lobby is the stairway. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

First-floor retail spaces blend with the Madisonville neighborhood’s ethos—a culturally rich and vibrant area. To allow for privacy within an open-office concept, the design uses architectural features to punctuate large expanses, avoiding a sea-of-workstations effect. Offices and conference rooms are situated in the center of the building, with workstations placed in open areas around the perimeter. A spacious workstation layout incorporates gallery walls on two sides, allowing for seated privacy with enough openness for daylighting and views.
Other features include light-filled, vibrant-hued break areas on each floor that provide floor-to-ceiling views to natural surroundings. Plantings adorn a wall above the banquette seating. Both private offices and open offices throughout the floor plan offer sweeping views to the natural vistas outside.

Medpace Interior Break Room
Break rooms are essential features inside the Medpace facility. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

The striking two-story, 900-space rainbow-colored parking garage goes far beyond utilitarian, giving a nod to the locally celebrated rainbow columns on-site. Gresham Smith’s design team created a garage cladding that captures the history of place. Framed canvas elements at both the north and south ends of the garage will be used for rotating public art installations.

Break Area Design
Different colored break areas are designed throughout the facility. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

“Employee feedback on the new headquarters has been so overwhelmingly positive that Medpace has made our interior design the standard for its facilities worldwide,” according to Gresham Smith.

Medpace Meeting Spaces
Employees have truly appreciated the design of the facility, and different features they have to enjoy. Courtesy Gresham Smith.

 Owner and/or developer: RBM Development Company, LLC
Design architect: Gresham Smith
Architect of record: Gresham Smith
MEP engineer: Gresham Smith
Structural engineer: Gresham Smith
General contractor/construction manager: Skanska


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