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New creative office space completes in Silicon Beach

SPF:architects designed the project.

January 27, 2021 |

All photos courtesy SPF:architects.

WE3 at Water’s Edge, a six-story, 160,000-sf creative workspace has completed construction in an area of Playa Vista colloquially referred to as “Silicon Beach.”

WE3 is the third and final building in a pre-existing commercial campus. SPF:architects’ main challenge with the project was to create a plan fully integrated with the existing conditions that would maximize the lot’s buildable area and maintain a compelling architectural standard. The project evolved over time to create a longer, more flexible office space that allowed more light and views on each elevation. A new public courtyard was created and an existing on grade sports field was relocated over the parking substructure.


WE3 exterior view


The 400-foot-long building includes four levels of parking (two subterranean, one at grade, and one above grade) and four floors of open workspace. Each of the four levels is approximately 40,000-sf and fifteen feet floor to floor. 


WE3 at Water's Edge - SPF:architects from SPF:architects on Vimeo.


Due to zoning restrictions, the building’s top floor could not be contiguous and exceed 20,000 sf. In order to maintain the desired area requirements, a gap was introduced mid-floor and a sky garden was created. The sky garden is located approximately 70 feet above natural grade and provides views toward Baldwin Hills and the Pacific Ocean. It also provides tenants with a wind-shielded terrace that can be used for impromptu meetings or casual workspaces. Additionally, all circulation and exiting is designed to be exterior.

WE3’s exterior includes a “floating,” perforated skin that shrouds the building and dematerializes it, visually lengthening the structure’s significant mass while providing the glass facade cover from the full brunt of the sun. Natural light filters through the skin in all directions and is proportionally spread across the entirety of the interior surface area.


WE3 exterior space


WE3 circulation space


WE3 exterior

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