New Colorado law could stimulate stalled condo market

Construction defect law modifications could ease litigation risk and cut insurance rates.

June 07, 2017 |

Pixabay Public Domain

Despite an influx of young adults to the state, Colorado’s condominium market has been stuck in the mud.

The state’s laws regarding construction defects prompted a spate of law suits over the past decade that caused a spike in insurance premiums. Newly passed legislation now requires that a majority of condominium owners approve builder defect lawsuits, not just a majority of the homeowners’ association board.

Housing experts believe that the change passed by state lawmakers could stimulate new condo construction, but it will be a while before insurance companies start lowering the dollar amount of policies. Opponents of the new regulation say that the change will promote shoddy construction.

One observer noted that if the change doesn’t promote new condo construction, the legislature may have to consider other action.

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