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New CannonDesign database allows users to track facility assets

The FCA software is available to organizations via the cloud 

March 12, 2014 |

CannonDesign Facility Optimization Solutions has released proprietary Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) software focused on empowering organizations to manage existing facility assets and operations more efficiently and effectively.

The FCA software creates a database populated by facility assessment data that becomes a planning tool for organizations, giving them the power to strategically track facilities and development needs while managing repairs and capital projects in a predictable, efficient manner. Specifically, the database:

  • Identifies critical failures of components and systems, code and ADA-compliance issues
  • Promotes proactive maintenance programs
  • Helps budget for capital projects through cost escalation on an annual basis over a five, 10 of 20 year period.
  • Systematically justifies prudent expenditures
  • Directly corresponds to criteria required by government authorities and client protocols

The FCA software is available to organizations via the cloud across traditional and mobile platforms, serving as a web-based facility assessment tool for assessment, analysis and action. CannonDesign’s team of licensed architects, engineers and cost estimating professionals is capable of executing the assessment to collect the facility data for population. Data collected by the assessment team during the day can be uploaded in the evening, quality checked and available for viewing the next day.

The software is already driving value for a number of organizations including Buffalo Public Schools, University of Illinois and Charlotte County, Florida. For more information about the FCA software and CannonDesign Facility Optimization Solutions visit

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