New Bjarke Ingels documentary gives a peek behind the curtain

The movie takes a slightly darker tone than previous projects chronicling the starchitect’s rise to prominence.

April 10, 2017 |

Not long after Bjarke Ingels was the focus of an episode of the Netflix design series Abstract: The Art of Design, architecture’s golden child will once again find himself at the center of another documentary, this one titled Big Time.

The recently released trailer for the movie starts as you might expect, lighthearted and bright with a healthy smattering of inspiring quotes tailor-made for bedroom-wall posters, but the tone quickly changes.

“I got a concussion,” Ingels says, “and since then, I’ve had more or less of a constant headache.” The remaining half of the trailer takes on a more hectic, stressful, and dramatic tone; images of Ingels exhaustedly-staring off into the distance, climbing into an MRI machine, and anxiously sitting in project meetings paint an image of the architect not often seen.

The trailer ends with a quote that sums up Ingels’ dedication and need for his work. “If this is where I suddenly become unable to contribute meaningfully, you almost could just lie down and wait for everything to be over,” he says.

The documentary is an official selection of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival and will screen during the festival on May 3rd.

You can view the trailer below.


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