New BIM guide for owners released

National Institute of Building Sciences releases a manual for developing standard set of BIM documents.

January 13, 2017 |

Image: Aadbuild, Wikimedia Commons

The National Institute of Building Sciences released a new guideline to help building owners better use building information modeling (BIM).

The National BIM Guide for Owners provides building owners with a documented process for design teams to follow to produce a standard set of BIM documents during the design and construction of the facility. The guide is also beneficial for maintenance and operations of the facility upon handoff. 

Establishing the criteria, specifications, and expectations in the design and construction process will help owners capture the full value of investing in BIM, according to a news release. It also provides a uniform approach for institutional and commercial building owners to achieve consistent BIM requirements for their facilities.

The new guideline, which is based on a number of foreign, federal, state, and local BIM guides, is geared to a generic facility with uniform requirements for use by a variety of government, institutional, and commercial building owners. It references a range of documents and practices, including those contained within the National BIM Standard-United States.

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